A Light and Breezy Ensemble

Hi there sweet pea! Today’s Work It Wednesday echos my love for light and breezy outfits!

So I’ve technically already worn these shorts in a Work It Wednesday (check it out here), but it was a different outfit and that makes it okay right?  My shorts are from Charlotte Russe, sadly I cant find them online but any printed cotton short will do honestly. My top isn’t labeled as a crop top but….. it’s not a “full length” tank either. It’s from Rue 21 and I can’t find this top either but here is something similar. (If crop tops and shorts aren’t your thing I show you how I wear them with pants in this post.)  I chose to keep my shoes simple with some white low-top Converse.

I know this outfit is super simple but let’s get real, no one wants to wear tight multi-layered outfits in the summer, it’s just too hot! And with no dress code to contend with during summer vacation you have the perfect excess to wear tank tops and short shorts!  On that same note, printed cotton shorts are a great way to add some flare to your outfits without getting too hot.

Sorry this post was so short, the outfit is pretty self-explanatory though. Do you want Prep or Punk to make a Work It Wednesday on their outfits? What is your go to outfit during the summer?

–Keep it Posh










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