Anti-Frugal Friday: Limited Edition Excellency 

What’s up kids, today I’m here to talk about the merits of splurging on limited edition palettes and collections, as it’s become somewhat of a tradition of mine.

I’m no stranger to the LE lyfe, but I see a lot of hate for MUAs that use them in tutorials, and I understand why some find it frustrating if they’re unable to completely recreate an exact look. But I also thinks it has to be frustrating for the artist not to be able to use palettes from past seasons that they might love, just because not everyone will have had access to it. Art is about using every skill and material at your disposal to make something beautiful, or ugly if that’s the statement you’re making, and that should never be influenced by people’s potential reactions. Make art to express yourself, not to appease the masses.

That rant aside, I’ve always loved my LE palettes. My first was my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV, then the first Vice palette, each a Christmas gift in consecutive years. I’ve also gotten the Vice 3 and 4, the Gwen Stefani palette, and a small MAC holiday pigment collection all as gifts around the holidays. My family knows that makeup is my passion and getting pretty new colors to play with every year is always great.

The easiest way I can think of to explain my thoughts on this is a pros and cons list, I’ve been a little listless lately (I’m sorry)


  • Unique hard to find colors
  • Typically gorgeous packaging
  • Potential Holy Grail shades
  • Inspiration for new looks
  • Ride on the Hype Train (choo choo!)


  • Unique hard to find colors (if you miss out)
  • Packaging can be bulky
  • Decrease in shadow quality (particularly for pop culture related releases such as the Alice in Wonderland palette which had issues with pigmentation and chalkiness)
  • Hard to use colors
  • Hype isn’t forever

So anyway, I love LE releases, they’re something new, and are usually a tad more interesting  in shade selection compared to permanent products. However, they could end up unused if they’re filled with colors that don’t appeal to your personal style. Spring for the ones you want, don’t sweat the ones you don’t.

Thanks for hanging out, and sorry for the late post, I been sick (cause I’m so ill), but actually.

Stay rad.-Punk

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophia Cho says:

    Really wanted to get my hands on the Gwen stefani palette! Love the post! Please check out my latest blog xx


    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      It’s my holy grail palette honestly, I highly suggest finding dupes if you’re still interested, some of them are even permanent as singles, and I’m glad you liked the post!-Punj


  2. rosieirwin says:

    Collection looks awesome!


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