Get you a man that can do both

Hey howdy hey there kids, Punk here with a memetastic tutorial on how to apply makeup for either a “feminine” or “masculine” look.

A common misconception is that beauty and makeup are inherently feminine, which can leave those of us outside the binary wondering how to approach it. At first I took a very binarist approach and did “masculine” makeup on days I dressed more stereotypically masculine, and vice versa. But I’ve come to love mixing up my makeup and fashion in unexpected way, but for those of you wondering what exactly the differences in the styles are I thought I’d lay out a rudimentary run-down of what I know.

For the simplicity of writing, I’ll be referring to the left side as femme and the right side as masc.

The differences are subtle, and can be exaggerated, but I thought I’d try and see how different I could make them using most of the same products.


First I put down a base, as always, for the masc side I went with my Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo foundation, as it’s very matte, a tad darker than I like for every day, and a little bit yellower. On the femme side I used my L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation, this formula is lighter, pinker, and doesn’t look quite as flat.

Then I covered up my undereyes on both sides, using foundation only on the masc side and a light concealer on the femme side, which I also used to highlight my nose, forehead, cupid’s bow, and chin. Then I set the masc side to truly mattify it and got to work on my brows.

On the masc side I used my Anastasia Brow Definer for a more blocky shape to really fill it in and decrease the arch, which tends to be less prominent cisgender males. Then I went in with a darker Brow Wiz to darken the under side and really bring down the browline, as cis-men also tend to have less lid space and eyes that are set farther in. For the femme side I chose a correct color brow pencil and lightly drew it in, extending the tail to a point and making the arch more pronounced.

Next, on to eyeshadow. For the masc side I used a contour color lightly in the crease and along the inner corner from my brow down the side of my nose, I then went back and deepened the color in the center of my crease to really deepen my eye and set it further back. Taking the same color I swept under my eye, keeping space between the shadow and lower lash line. Then I put light brown eyeshadow all over the lid, lighter than my contour but still darker than my skin. Brown mascara as a finishing touch and the right eye was done. For the femme side I used the same contour color in the crease, winging it up to lift and open the eye, then highlighted the inner corner and brow bone and sweeping a color only a few shades lighter than my skin on the lid. Taking a dark brown shadow along the outer 1/2 of the lower lash line and black liner alone the upper I defined my eye very slightly with a miscroscopic wing. Then black mascara and a skin tone liner in the water line to top it off.

The face makeup  differences were mostly just contour. The masc side was contoured without bronzer, except for a light sweep on the apple of my cheek. I contoured the nose, temple, cheekbone, and jawline. The femme side I did the usual, bronzing the perimeter and using blush and highlight for a softer and lighter look.

The lips were pretty easy, I left the foundation on the masc side and for the femme side I applied a tinted balm and a touch of gloss.

What’d you think? Can you spot the differences? Thanks for hangin out!

Stay rad.-Punk


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