Drugstore Back To School Detailed Makeup Tutorial!

Hi there sweet pea! Are you going back to school soon? Do you want a semi-quick tutorial that’ll make you look like you actually want to be there? Well you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get to it!

In all seriousness, back to school is right around the corner at least that’s what every TV commercial is saying… This tutorial is going to feature mainly Wet n’ Wild and e.l.f products because they’re: 1) cheap Inexpensive 2) Cruelty-free and 3) Accessible. I’m going to be honest with y’all this isn’t a five minute tutorial, this is a natural “no-makeup makeup” look. And if you’re looking for easy eye makeup look, I have several looks that would work for back to school! Also this post is going to be a step by step style tutorial!

I woke up  like this~

Step 1: Use all your will power to not snooze your alarm, I know it’s tempting but don’t!

Step 2: Wash your face, also eat breakfast, you’re going to need strength to get you through this look. (kidding!……. kind of)

Step 3: Prime that mug! I’m using the Wet n’ Wild Coverall Face Primer, since I do my makeup around 7am and don’t take it off until 10pm I need my makeup to stay as fresh as it can all day and this primer does the trick!

Step 4: Apply some foundation (or BB cream)! The e.l.f  Acne Fighting Foundation (in Buff) is bomb because it’s full coverage and it has acne fighting (duh) and acne preventing ingredients. Also it’s only $6 which is crazy affordable for how good it is! I’ve found that the fastest way to blend this in is with my Wet n’ Wild Flat Top Brush. (review here)

Step 5: Cover up those dark circles! Since my foundation is so full coverage I don’t feel the need to conceal any acne spots, I do however want to conceal and brighten my under eye area. I’ve been using the e.l.f Concealer (in Ivory) since I ran out of my NYX HD concealer and I like it but it’s really pink, I probably won’t repurchase it. I like to “bounce” my concealer in with my Real Technique’s sponge. (review here)

Step 6: Set that face! This helps your makeup stay intact even after the 20 minute, 80 degree bus ride (thanks Texas). I’ve been trying out the e.l.f Translucent Mattifying Powder but I haven’t formed an insightful opinion on it yet. (I can do a review at a later date if you really want one) I used my Morphe E2 brush (the newer version) to powder my whole face.

Step 7: Set the under eyes just a little bit more! I use the yellow shade from the e.l.f Contour Palette to further set my under eyes, this shade also off sets the pink toned concealer! I LOVE my Real Technique’s Setting brush for this step!

Step 8: Add some depth! If you can’t tell from the picture above I’m looking a little flat, to counteract this I added some of the “bronzer” shade from the e.l.f Contour Palette to my cheeks, forehead, and in the crease of my eyes. I used my e.l.f Professional Powder brush (a similar one) for my cheeks and the Wet n’ Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush for my eyes. (same review link as step 4)

Step 9: Pop some color on to those cheeks! If I’m in a rush while getting ready I tend to reach for a simple, easy to throw on color. Today I went with Wet n’ Wild’s Rose Champagne (review in the link on step 4) it’s super easy but really pretty at the same time. I pop the color onto the apples of my cheeks and brush it back on top of my bronzer. I used the same e.l.f brush that I used to bronze because it’s just that good!

Step 10: Get your glow on! Adding highlighter can really put some life back in your face, after applying all of those (mostly matte) powder products it’s good to bring a little shimmer into your life. I used the one from the contour palette on the high points of my cheeks and on my inner corner. While I applied the inner corner highlight with my finger I used the Beauty Junkees’ Pro Highlighting Brush (love these brushes, I’m planning on doing a review soon).

Step 11: Make sure your brows are on fleek. I use the e.l.f Eyebrow Kit in Medium, honestly I’ve been using this product for so long that it takes me no time at all to do my brows, this is actually my second one and I’ve already hit pan… Instead of using the brush that comes in the package I use the Morphe M413 to apply the gel side and any small eyeshadow brush to apply the powder side. Obviously use any brow product you’re fastest at, my pencil recommendation is the NYX Micro Brow pencil! Lastly I set my brows with the Essence Make Me Brow in Browny Brows.

Step 12: Big Lashes, Big Emotions! Mascara is a game changer guys, it really opens up and defines your eyes. I use the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear mascara on my upper lashes and NYX’s The Skinny on my lower lashes. I plan on doing an in depth post about drugstore cruelty free mascaras, is that something y’all would be into?

Step 13: Smear on that paint! I usually reach for bold colors when I’m not wearing eyeshadow today’s choice is the Wet n’ Wild Velvet Matte Lip Color in Charred Cherry. Feel free to go with ANY lip color, since this makeup is so basic it’ll look good with everything!

Step 14: Set that face down! I used the Wet n’ Wild Photo-Focus setting spray (here’s the review for this bad boy). Like mentioned in previous steps making sure my makeup lasts all day is a priority for me, we have a different post that shows you How to Slay All Day if you’re curious~

Step 15: Get your butt out the door! You’ve made it to the end, Congratulations!! Doesn’t that look like the smile of someone ready for school? No? Well you’re not totally wrong… (;

All jokes aside, I know this post was pretty long but it only takes me about 15 mins (if I’m focusing), the more you practice the faster you’ll get. This is my simple look, taking out/ substituting for lighter=weight products is highly encouraged, comfort should be your number one priority! I hope you enjoyed this post or learned something new! Also I know this is a “back to school” post but you can obviously wear this post regardless of if you’re in school or not!

Have a good school year/ rest of the year!

–Keep it Posh


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