French Braid Bun

What’s up dudes and dudettes? Today we’re gonna break down a fancy half-up half-down look!

When I was scouring Pinterest this week (I have a problem, I’m aware), I kept finding variations of this cute post everywhere. It’s a very easy look that I decided to try for myself.

  1. First, you want to start with some dirty hair. I highly recommend hair that hasn’t been washed in only a few days though, as this look isn’t the best at hiding all the grease. If you’re like me and didn’t prepare well seeing as you washed your hair only 2 hours before, dry shampoo the heck out of it to substitute for the grime. My personal favorite is Batiste’sIMG_9056
  2. Secondly, you’re going to french braid the top section. I found that this look worked best for me only using the hair in between the outer corners of my forehead. Having a more “runway strip” styled section allowed for a cleaner look. IMG_9038
  3. Next, pony tail the braid near the crown of your head. Personal preference will dictate where exact you want it but fluff around a little to find your sweet spot. After looking back, I wish I would have gone farther back on my head so I would have had more braided hair but you do you. (Pardon my part, I’m a failure)IMG_9041
  4. Finally, you guessed it, we put the left over hair from the pony tail into a bun. Make this as big or little as you want by pulling at the hair to increase the size. I like mine the size of an orange (?) because it wasn’t like I had slapped a saggy pancake on my head but also wouldn’t be confused as a small animal. You know, the best of both worlds.IMG_9044

Ta da! You’re finished and now have a new hairdo in your arsenal of beauty. Hope you enjoyed this and tell me below what Pinterest hairstyles we should try next!

Love ya bunches! – Prep

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  1. This is so cute! And add a lot of volume. We need to up our braiding skills. XX, Britta & Carli from


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