Comfy Cozy Travel Outfit~

Hi there sweet pea! In honor of my 6 hour road trip today, I thought I’d share a simple and comfortable travel outfit with y’all~I’m not really one for traveling in athletic shorts and a t-shirt, I like to look a little presentable in case I end up going into a store or restaurant. That being said I still like to be comfortable because I’ll be sitting for so long.

Today’s outfit features a tank top from Old Navy and some boyfriend jeans from Walmart. This tank is easy to throw on and nice for these hot summer days but the bright color and fun pattern make it seem like I actually tried. My pants are technically a “slim fit” boyfriend jean but they have a lot of give and are great for lounging. I went for a longer pant because I tend to get pretty cold in the car so this way I don’t have to pack a blanket, I can just throw in a jacket (that I would’ve put in my suitcase otherwise) and be good to go!

Here’s an up close shot of the trimming detail on my shirt. I don’t know about you guys but I hate wearing “real” shoes while traveling I prefer to jump in the car and go barefoot. These Birkenstock inspired sandals from Kohls are easy to slip on and off for when you have to run into a gas station for some snacks!

And that’s it! I wish you all safe travels and I hope you liked this outfit post!

–Keep it Posh


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