Pan that Palette!

Hi there sweet pea! Today’s Frugal Friday is all about using up your makeup to get your money’s worth!As much as I love playing with new makeup and trying out new products, I’m a big believer in using up what you have. Makeup doesn’t stay good forever, every single product in your collection has a shelf-life, granted some last for a few years but if you’re not using it in the meantime then what’s the point?

The palette I was panning this summer is the NYX Love In Paris palette in Madeleines and Macaroons, these palettes aren’t on the Ulta site anymore and they’re all on sale on the NYX site so I think they’re discontinuing them. I’ve had this palette for a few years now so it was definitely time to move it on through my collection. I found that while I was at school I didn’t reach for this as much as I used to and since it’s close to expiring (I mean technically it has but let’s not talk about it). I should specify that my only goal with this challenge is to hit pan on 6 of the shades and to get as far as I can for 3 months.

pan that palette intro
June 1st

Obviously this palette is well used and loved and I’ve actually already hit pan on 4 of the shades that I worked on during this project. I chose to leave the 2 middle shades toward the right and the bottom right color alone because I don’t think they’re worth even trying to pan. I know you can’t really see the dips in the colors in this picture but the peach shade and the dark brown color have a pretty decent dip going on already as well.

pan that palette update 1
July 1st

By this update I had already hit pan on every shade I wanted, so I just continued expanding the pan.

And by August 1st this challenge is complete. I actually really enjoyed this because it made it super easy to throw on my makeup because I already had a look that worked in mind. I’m really proud of my progress considering I used this palette for 3 months and didn’t wear makeup everyday.

Truthfully I’m really going to miss this palette, this was my first “real” eye palette and I’m sad to see it leave my collection. Nonetheless I’m of the belief that makeup is meant to be used and loved and not hoarded forever and ever.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know it was kind of short but I wanted to share this project that I’ve been working on for the past few months.

–Keep it Posh




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  1. Camille Shern says:

    I’ve never emptied nor nearly emptied a makeup palette… Me bad I know. But well done to you!


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