Punk’s Summer Obsession

What’s up kids, decided to bring y’all a Work it Wednesday about my favorite accessory, chokers.

I’ve found that not only to I love the aesthetic of chokers, I’m a huge fan of their versatility. Can be worn casually or with your Sunday best, stacked or alone, and with just about any neckline. This is my current and ever expanding collection thus far:

Charlotte Russe Set

These two were bought as a set from Charlotte Russe and they’re my favorite. They look gorgeous together and alone, and anything with lunar imagery is my jam.

Tattoo Choker

So 90s, so versatile. I wear this with a t-shirt nearly ever day.

Hand-Me-Down Pendant

Belonged to my mom in the 90s, is actually a full length necklace, but I love how vintage and Victorian it looks as a choker.

Recently Acquired Crystal

Bought this in Estes Park and I’ve been loving it as a long pendant stacked with other chokers or  as a choker itself, really like the adjustable length.

Pink Pearl

This was also a hand-me-down from my mom that’s a mid-length necklace, but it’s so girly and pretty that I reserve it for uber feminine outfits that I need to really counteract my edgy hair and makeup. From 9 West but was bought in the 90s so I don’t know if that information is helpful..

Charlotte Russe Gunmetal

I purchased this for my aunt’s wedding, and I still love this and wear it to any formal occasion that I can.

Leather Ring

Easily my most intense necklace. Anytime I wear it I feel like a Real Certified Punk.

Honestly, I think I love chokers the most for how many necklaces I can stack at one time, because I’m excessive and need to wear as many accoutrements as possible at any given time..

Thanks for hanging out with my for this super chill post, what’s been your favorite accessory this summer?

Stay rad.-Punk

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