Save the Shins

I hate shaving. Here’s how I hate it less sometimes.

When I say I hate shaving, I mean I absolutely loathe it. I’d rather spend my time doing literally anything else, it’s time consuming and ultimately I don’t personally care about having smooth legs and armpits. But other people do, and I cater to that when I wear skirts and short sleeves because I’d rather not be centered out as the feminist for the sake of an argument when I just want to enjoy my evening without a debate for once. I digress.

So here’s some things I ‘ve tried and have worked to make the whole process less awful:

  • Exfoliate before you shave, helps you get a closer shave, meaning you can skip a day or two before you gotta do it all over again.. But I like to do this with my body wash and a shower poof, doesn’t need to be an intense scrub that tears your flesh off. Just something light to get rid of the dead skin so your razor doesn’t have to cut through that and your leg hair.
  • Use a shave gel meant for dry or sensitive skin, slightly helps with razor burn but also keeps your legs from turning into jerky after every shave, for some reason my legs are the only place I have intensely dry skin, if you’ve got this problem too, this one’s for you. Gel also keeps your razor from dulling as fast as it does when using conditioner as a substitute, as I found out.
  • Use a men’s razor and shaving gel when detailing more intimate areas, there meant to be used on the face, unlike lady’s razors, so the more sensitive areas won’t be torn up and covered in razor burn. Save ya bikini line and save some money with a razor that doesn’t have the pink tax.
  • Hydrocortisone cream is your friend for razor burn, apply daily until it goes away and the red bumps will disappear.

Hope this helped some of you who are interested in that hairless life, that being said, only shave for you. Only do it if you want to. I hate it, and ultimately I only do it when I’m going to be showing my legs in public because I feel like it won’t distract from my ensemble. Don’t let anyone else decide how you deal with your own body. Mic drop.

Thanks for hangin’ out with me.

Stay weird.-Punk


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  1. I agree shaving is the biggest pain!

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