Try Ipsy Tuesday Redux

Hello all, today I’m doing another Ipsy glambag first impression, you can check the first one here, but let’s get started.

First things first, here is this month’s bag:

img_0600Can I just say that I am living. Despite being punk as h*ck, the pretty pastel aesthetic is my jam. I want an entire wardrobe in this color scheme.


The first and biggest thing I received in my bag was this It Hair Care 12-in-one Leave In Treatment, I put this in my hair while it was damp as per instructions and let it air dry and I actually really like how it made my hair feel. Didn’t weigh it down and made my hair feel very hydrated even after it dried. I haven’t tested it’s claims as heat protectant, but I’m always in need of something new to keep my hair from frying.


Next was this mask/moisturizer/primer from This Works,  and I’ve gotta say I’m impressed. Super moisturizing without feeling oily and my makeup applied pretty nicely on top, however I would need a silicone based primer for my pores around my nose as this didn’t really help to diminish those at all.

I got the Jelly Pong Pong Neapolitan palette, and I’ve actually been hoping to get this in my bag for a while. For one thing I love Korean beauty brands and styles, breaking out of conventional western looks and experimenting with new techniques and products keeps my makeup game from stagnating and I’ve heard so much about this brand. I love the adorable packaging, the shadows are much more pigmented when applied and so incredibly smooth. After a full day of running errands my shadow was still perfectly intact. 11/10

I also received the Ofra x DupeThat collab highlighter in You Glow Girl, and while I love the formulation and this did give me a bangin’ highlight, it’s just a tad dark for my skintone. It’s not uncommon for a highlight to be too dark on me, and blended out you couldn’t tell, but when applied with maximum shine in mind, it looked like a luminous greige stripe. However, I still really like it and will probs use it as eyeshadow or mix it with lighter highlights because it’s real purty.

Lastly, the Ciate London paint pot in Spinning Teacups. I love this color, but not the formula. It took three coat to get an even color, but the thick consistency made it super streaky and wonky looking. That being said, I suck at applying nail polish and have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember, and being an artist my hands are abused and covered in various mediums on the regular, so polish isn’t really my thing anyway. I’ll probably still use this on my toes and the color is unlike anything else in my meager nail polish collection.

Here’s a look I did with this month’s bag and a couple of items from past months:

img_0589I’m always surprised by how much I love and use the things I receive in my glambags, and looking forward to new products every month definitely helps keep monstrous impulse buys at bay. Let me know if y’all want to see more Ipsy posts or honorable mentions.

Stay rad.-Punk



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