A Kiss On the Lips…

Good afternoon lovelies, today is a quick little tutorial on how I contour my lips while still keeping them rather natural in appearance.

As in all tutorials you start with a face and your base.

At this point my lips are covered in foundation, but before I take that off I line the outside with my Nyx Wonder Pencil in the shade Light to highlight the edges of my lips and bring the center forward. Then I take a Q-tip with some micellar water to clean the foundation off and apply a lip plumping balm. After I finish with that I’ll take a lip pencil slightly darker than my natural lips around the edges and shade inward without coloring them in entirely.

Following that I pop a white-ish lip primer in the center of my top and bottom lip and blend it out so there are no harsh lines. This brings the center of my lips forward and gives an overall poutier appearance. Then to finish off I top it all with a lip plumping gloss or a regular one, if you prefer, the effect is similar. Today I used the Soap & Glory Pillow Plump gloss.

That’s it for my rapid fire tutorial, let me know what you think and how you feel about the plumped up lip trend. Thanks for hanging out.

Stay rad.-Punk


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