Brow Maintenance Totally Counts as a Hair Post

Brows aren’t really tresses, but hair post is hair post. So here’s my brow maintenance routine.

So first you should start this biz after a steamy shower, unlike I did for this post, because the steam opens up your pores and makes it less painful and overall irritates your skin less. But here’s the face/brows I’m starting with:

My first step is to take my electric trimmer around the perimeter and in between my brows, just to save time from plucking every individual hair that’s randomly growing nowhere near my actual brows. I picked up this cheap one from Target and it’s worked out splendidly so far.

Next I check how I want to shape my brows with the usual 3 point trick, shown below. You don’t have to create an arch if you don’t have one, but I have a small one, and each brow is shaped differently, as are my eyes, so I like to make them resemble each other a bit more. The first picture shows where your brow starts, the second where the highest point of the arch should be, and the last is where the tail should end.

Then I set to work plucking, using a spoolie to brush the hair up and down to make sure I find all the extraneous hairs. After I finish plucking and defining the overall shape I trim my brows with small scissors, I’ve always called them nail scissors even though that’s not how I use them.

I brush them up and trim any hair that sticks out farther than the shape I defined earlier, then I brush them in a downward motion and repeat.

Once I finish trimming I just swipe a wet washcloth over them to remove any of the leftover hair and make sure that they look somewhat similar, eyebrows are hard y’all. When I’m sure I didn’t ruin them I typically give myself approving looks in the mirror following a great sigh of relief.

Dat arch tho.

Then I do my skincare routine and get ready for bed or do my makeup depending on the time of  day/level of ambition.

And here are some pics of how they looked after I filled them in:

Lookin’ snazzy. Thanks for hanging out with my today, have a great Thursday!

Stay rad.-Punk



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophia Cho says:

    Your brows are so structured even without makeup! Loved the post! Please check out my latest post if you get the chance, it’d mean a lot! Xx


    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      Thank you so much, I used to hate my brows so that means so much, and I really enjoy your writing style! Thanks again!-Punk


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