Pinterest Dupe Tested!

Hi there sweet pea! Today I’ll be comparing the Urban Decay Primer Potion to the elf Eyelid Primer. Let’s get started!Now I know this post is probably more suited for Frugal Friday but this week we’re doing a Pinterest theme week! And anyone that has been on Pinterest knows the infamous “dupes” posts. While I normally only have one of the items or I have no interest in either item, this dupe post I ran across was right up my alley because I actually had both products!

The two items I’ll be talking about today are the Urban Decay Primer Potion and the elf Eyelid Primer, I’ll start with the UD primer.

UD primer potion


  1. UD is cruelty-free! (Their parent company isn’t though if that’s something you consider)
  2. ┬áIt’s $20 for .33 oz.
  3. There are 4 different kinds (original, Sin, Eden, and Anti-Aging).
  4. Comes in a squeeze tube, this makes it easy to get the last of the product out.
  5. It’s excluded from coupons on
  6. The product is thicker than the elf primer and it feels smooth and isn’t sticky.
  7. You have more time to spread it over you eye (it doesn’t set as fast).

Now let’s talk about the elf Primer

elf primer

  1. elf is cruelty-free!
  2. It’s $2 for .11 oz.
  3. Only 2 color options (sheer and pearl).
  4. The packaging can make getting the product out difficult but if you remove the stopper you can get the last little bits.
  5. You can use the $3.50 off $15 coupon (you can literally get it for free!)
  6. It has a thin consistency, easy to spread if you don’t wait too long.
  7. Dries down quickly, I usually prime one eye then the other instead of applying the primer to both eyes and rubbing it into my lids.

swatches with labels

But which one’s better? In my oh so humble opinion, I think the UD primer isn’t worth the money. I know some people swear by it but I get the same results and wear time out of both primers. I think the UD primer makes the color of the shadow more vibrant (as seen in the swatch comparison) but since I stick with pretty simple neutral colors I don’t always need a base to help with vibrancy.

This morning I used the UD primer on my Right eye and the elf primer on my left. Can you tell the difference?

All in all I’d recommend both primers but if you’re on a budget the elf primer is just as good for everyday neutral looks! Have you tried either of these primers? What are your thoughts?

–Keep it Posh


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