Pinterest Hairstyles Pt. 2

Hi there sweet pea! To keep this week’s theme rolling along I’ll be attempting to recreate a mashup of a couple hairstyles I found on Pinterest!In all my hours spent browsing Pinterest I’ve seen my fair share of boho braids and rainbow locks, that being said though I’ve never had the hair to pull off most hairstyles. Most of the pins I’ve seen the girl has long and thick hair, granted I’ve cut most of my hair off but even before then my hair was so thin that I couldn’t achieve practically any of the hairstyles. However, my friend Casey, has the perfect hair type to support most Pinterest styles!

For today’s style I’ll be combining two post (this one and this one) because I wanted to try the flower rosettes.

I started by sectioning the front/ top of Casey’s hair into 5 sections; one larger section on top and two equal sections on both sides of her head. (Sorry I don’t have a picture for this step). Next I braided the two sections on both sides of her head, I chose to do a dutch braid rather than a french because dutch braids give a 3D effect to the hair. Also the model on Pinterest seemed to be sporting a dutch braid.

step one

This is when I attempted to braid the rest of her hair into one big dutch braid, but if I’m being honest I failed so bad. It did not turn out how I anticipated it would, I recovered though by completely changing routes. I decided to add a little volume to the top section I separated earlier then I tried to do the infamous flower rosettes.

step 2 hair

Admittedly that didn’t really turn out either, but hey that’s what this post is all about right? It seemed like Casey liked the style so I stopped there!┬áIt’s not too special from the front but here’s a picture nonetheless…

final front

And that’s it! I really like trying out Pinterest hairstyle but like I mentioned earlier I don’t have the hair type or the amount for practically any of them. I hope you liked this post! If you did I’ve done one similar using Prep’s hair, you should check it out!

–Keep it Posh


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