This Look is an Absolute Gem

Pardon my pun, but I was feeling rather inspired by Sapphires after swatching some of the gorgeous deep blues in my collection and knew I had to throw a look together, so let’s jump into it.

To save all of us some time I’ll just be running through the eye look today, should anyone be interested in a foundation routine post I’d be happy to run you through it though I change it up very frequently. For this look, as I was inspired by precious gems, I decided to go for a very glowy base, but also very contoured, like the facets on a gemstone.

To start off, after I filled in my brows, I took a matte grey to map out my crease in a sort of  round shape; I’m going for a heavy lidded, smoky, 20s vibe. This is partly to outline where I’ll be placing the darker colors and to assist in blending out. Next I placed Nyx Black Bean Jumbo Pencil on the inner and outer corners of my lid and blended in, leaving the center bare. I want the center of the lid to come forward and for the most concentrated dark blue to be in the corners, giving my eyes the illusion of being tilted downward and rounded out.  From there I pack on dark blue shadow, I’m using the shades Nile from the Serpentina palette (hauled here) and Chaos from the Electric palette. Chaos in the center as it is brighter and then Nile to add depth to the crease. I’m also ever so slightly blending over Chaos to create a uniform layer of shimmer across the lid space.

Next I added glitter like crazy from the Moondust palette. I used the shade Galaxy on the inner and outer corners, Vega in the center, and Lightyear on a very small spot in the exact center of my upper lash line. After I finished glitter bombing my eyes I did my base and cleaned up the edges of my eye makeup, and applied another Nyx Jumbo Pencil to the water line, this one in Milk.


Once my base is all set I take a Sephora eye pencil in the shade My Boyfriend’s Jeans, any dark blue pencil will do. I top this with Nile once again and smudge it out with a Q-tip. Then I take my L’Oreal Color Riche Single in the shade Argentic and apply it to the inner corner, then immediately applying more of Vega over top.

Finishing touch is a coat of mascara and the rest of my face makeup. On my lips is Urban Decay’s 1993 lip pencil underneath of Too Faced’s Melted Matte in the shade Queen B with a touch of highlighter in the center.

And a few close ups of the eyes.

That’s it for this fairly simple, yet bold, eye look. Color doesn’t have to be difficult y’all. Sometimes you just put on all of it at the same time and call it a look. Anyway, have a bomb Makeup Monday and thanks for hanging out!

Stay rad.-Punk


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