Trying Real Technique Brushes

Hi there sweet pea! Recently I placed an order on and because I like to meet the minimum to get free shipping I decided to pick up the Real Techniques Starter Brush Kit. In Today’s Try It Tuesday I’ll be testing these brushes out for the first time!Admittedly I’ve had my eye on this brush kit for a long time, I just never felt like I could justify the $17.99 price tag. But EVERYONE that has this set loves it, including Prep (she’s even done a review on some of the Real Techniques brushes), so I decided to bit the bullet and pick it up. In doing my makeup today my goal was to use all of the brushes and see if I could do a full eye look with just this set. Let’s start!

First off I set down my primer with a simple cream shade. I used the “base shadow brush” (appropriately named in my opinion), I think that since this brush is a little fluffy it didn’t quite pack the shadow down like I wanted it to. I don’t think I’d use it for this purpose again. Later in my eye look however I used a deeper shade to darken my outer corner and this brush was perfect for blowing the shadow out so that it wasn’t too harsh. I’d rank this brush as my 4th favorite.

base shadow brush

Next I placed a transition shade into my crease to buffer for the darker shades I added. I applied this shadow directly with the “deluxe crease brush”. This is actually my favorite brush in this set. I’d argue to say that the whole set is worth it just for this brush! I continued to use this brush throughout the look to blend out shadows I added. 10/10 would recommend this brush!

deluxe crease brush

The next brush I tried out was the “brow brush”. I knew going into this look that I wouldn’t be using this brush in my brows, because 1) I’ve been using a pencil 2) This brush is way too fluffy and soft to want to use in my brows.  That being said I used this brush as an eyeliner brush for the outer half of my eye. I dampened the brush and dipped it into a  black shadow and traced it over the outer half of my lid near my lashline. Usually I use a smaller angled brush so I can get a thin line but this brush was the perfect thickness with one swipe! I’d say this my second favorite brush!

brow brush

On the eyeliner trend the next brush in the set is the “fine liner brush”. When I was initially looking at this set I wasn’t sure what I was going to use this brush for, I decided to try it for it’s intended purpose and line the inner portion of my upper lashline. I dampened the brush and dipped into the same black shadow as earlier and it worked! Using this brush with the “brow brush” makes the perfect line of powder liner!

fine liner brush

Last but not least we have the “accent brush”. This was another brush that I wasn’t sure how I was going to use it but I decided to do my inner corner highlight with it and hope for the best. Luckily it’s the perfect size for that! The only other use I could think of would be to use it as a lower lashline smudging brush… but I haven’t tested that theory yet. This is my least favorite brush because I already have a few like and and they’re brushes I use for pretty much the same thing so I don’t need tons to use when the other ones are dirty.

accent brush

I’m glad to report that you can achieve a simple eye look with this set of brushes. The only thing I might use another brush for would be to place a dark shadow in the outer v, but other than that this set does just fine! I’d highly recommend picking up this set if you’re curious to try some Real Technique’s brushes!

This is the eye look did with these brushes~~

–Keep it Posh


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  1. livilovessite says:

    I really like these brushes, but they are a little expensive


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