How I Cut My Hair~~

Hi there sweet pea! Today’s Tresses Thursday is all about how I cut my hair! I’d like to start this post by saying that I’m in no way a professional, I’ve just watched a lot of YouTube videos! I’m also not super precise when I’m cutting my hair so the directions in this post are pretty vague but you’ll get the gist of the process.

Here are some before pictures of my hair~

I know it’s a little hard to tell but the longest parts hit my chin. Before I cut anything I laid a towel over my sink to catch all of the hair, it’s easier to take the towel and shake all the hair off over the trash than it is to clean up the hair when it’s all over the place.

I decided I wanted to initially cut about an inch off. I usually make one big snip and then soften the edges from there. If that’s too intimidating for you then skip this step and cut little by little.

If you like the super blunt look you can stop here but I personally want the cut to be a little softer. I do this by sectioning my hair into 4 sections and pulling my hair towards the front of my face. I point cut into my hair to make the ends not so blunt, here’s a video showing how/ what point cutting is.

Here’s where the process changes a little. I typically take a section from the front of my hair and point cut into that to make it shorter to add some dimension. I also take random sections throughout my hair if I think that one part is looking extra block-y. I don’t take the same sections everytime so there really wasn’t a way to show this. This is the part in the hair cutting process where you just kind of go for it….


And that’s it! Sometimes after I wash my hair I end up cutting it a little more if I’m not liking how it’s laying. Here’s some after pictures~

I hope this post helped if you’re looking to cut your hair at home! I recommend picking up some hair cutting scissors if you’re thinking about cutting your tresses because regular scissors can be rough on your ends.

–Keep it Posh

P.S. – In one of my after pictures it looks like there’s one long section but that’s actually the piece that I have in front of my ear!

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