Throwback Tuesday?

What’s up kids, recently acquired a palette and what better way to try something new than to chronicle it online.

In Posh’s journey to go completely cruelty-free she decided to gift unto me her first high-end eyeshadow palette, the Smashbox Double Exposure Palette, which was released over a year ago making this a bit of a throwback post. I am somewhat familiar, having swatched these shadows countless times making mini-tutorial notecards for Posh just for fun and to get her out of her comfort zone every now and again.

That being said, I don’t think I ever actually wore any of these myself, so today I took the time to do a few swatches and examine the quality of these shades. The magic of this particular palette, much like the Nars Dual Intensity Palette, is that they can be used wet or dry, and that wetting them actually significantly changes the finish.

Going from left to right in the top row, I was rather impressed with all the shimmer to metallic shades, they all have fairly good payoff, though they aren’t the smoothest formula I’ve tried. I really enjoy the shades Blanc, Quartz, and Peony, all very pigmented and turn very metallic when wet.

The mattes and satins in the bottom row were honestly underwhelming, not very pigmented and had to be built up, overall a bit dry and patchy. However, I am in love with Copper. Smashbox really got their shimmers right in this palette, and despite my grievances with the mattes/satins, they can be made to work.

I used only shades from this palette in making my look today and found it very doable, you don’t need to use other palettes in conjunction with this one if you don’t want to, and all the shades work very nicely together. Copper and Peony were the stars of this look, but the crease work and a bit of the lower lash were all the mattes and satins that while not the easiest to blend, ended up looking just snazzy.

I like this palette, if you bought this and haven’t touched it since as I am known to do on occasion, I highly suggest busting it out for those shimmer shades. Thanks for chilling with me and have a great Tuesday!

Stay rad.-Punk

Please excuse the messy background of my pictures, we’re currently repainting and my usual picture spot was unusable.


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  1. This is a beautiful look, you’re so pretty! I’m going through your blog because I’ve just found it and I love it:) Followed! Also what are you wearing on your lips it’s a really nice colour? xx


  2. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

    Thank you so much oh my gosh, I’m glad you like our humble little blog, my lip combo is Too Faced Melted Matte in Queen B over top of Urban Decay’s lip pencil in 1993 :) -Punk


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