Wardrobe Transitions

What up kids, today’s Work it Wednesday is brought to you by the weird limbo between summer and fall.

So I like the bright colors of summer, and at the beginning of the seasonal shift, it doesn’t quite feel like fall and pumpkin spice and vampy lips right away, you know? Which is when this sort of look works perfectly. As the weather goes a bit haywire and the burning hot afternoons give way to brisk evenings, outfits that are versatile enough to handle it all are extremely necessary.

Now, while this look is pretty chill, I think it’s perfect for the transition between seasons. It blends the vibrant hues of summer with the aesthetic of fall silhouettes. This flannel is very light and soft, doesn’t feel stifling in the midday heat and provides some protection from the evening chill, and it can totally be tied around the waist for a less put together look. Not certain where I picked it up, but I know that it was not Forever21 for once. These jeans from Cato are super thin and comfy, and my boots are hand-me-downs.

I always feel bad for not knowing exactly where I’ve acquired pieces, but the exact items are not important. What I hope you’re able to glean from these posts is a template for you to experiment in your own wardrobe, we can’t all afford to run out and buy new outfits on a whim. The template of this look is a fun button down that isn’t too warm, a versatile pair of skinny jeans, and some boots to tell the world that fall is HERE. Nothing too crazy, just something wearable for everyday as the leaves start to change.

Thanks for hanging out, and have a great Wednesday!!

Stay gold.-Punk



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  1. Super cool! Love how you have worked the basics and added colours with the plaid shirt. You look pretty! Thanks for sharing. Do drop by my blog as well : http://styleovercoffee.com :)


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