$5.99 Z-Palette Dupe!

Hi there sweet pea! Today’s Frugal Friday is all about a dupe for a makeup accessory, the Z-palette!I found this dupe through a different blog post a couple years ago but I don’t actually remember the original post. Sorry about that, I just wanted to make sure that I clarified that I wasn’t the one that thought of this dupe!

The dupe I’m talking about is the Artbin Magnetic Needle Case from Joann’s! It’s normally $9.99 but it’s pretty much always on sale for $5.99! This is meant to store notions but the magnetic bottom also works for eye shadows and face powders! I’m sure we all know what the original Z-palettes look like but if you don’t, this is Punk’s Small Palette.

She mainly has Makeup Geek shadows in it so to test the magnetic bottom of my dupe I decided to transfer these shadows into my palette.

And it works! I will say that since the bottom is white it does get dirty super easy but it’s not very hard to clean if that bothers you. This palette also isn’t as sturdy as the Z-palette so if you travel a lot I don’t think this is the best option for you but I don’t take my “Z-palette” anywhere so the sturdiness doesn’t really matter to me.

If your shadows aren’t magnetic already and you don’t want to purchase the magnet stickers you can just glue a few metal washers to the bottom of your shadow to make them stick! Again I wouldn’t recommend this if you travel a lot because the magnet on the washers aren’t very strong but it works if it’s an “at home” palette!


And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this post and you give this dupe a try if you’ve been looking for a cheaper alternative to the Z-palettes! Let me know what you think in the comments section!

–Keep it Posh


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