UD Moondust Palette Review

Well hello lovelies, hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday, today I thought I’d sit down and review the Urban Decay Moondust palette in-depth.

So let me start out by saying I love it. The packaging is phenomenal, beautifully galactic and very sturdy, plus the mirror is huge. The shadows themselves are gorgeous, though from what I’ve read/heard not everyone agrees with me on that. So here’s what I will say: they are not overly pigmented. The base pigment does not show up near as much as the megawatt glitter particles, which are rather gritty but reflect light in the most unreal way. However, that’s true of the original Moondust singles as well? So I don’t know why you wouldn’t expect a whole palette of them to be the same.

That being said, if you want to get a softer look these look so pretty applied over a base with a brush, beware of fallout though. My favorite way to wear these, because I am excessive, is to pack them on to my lid for maximum payoff, over a matching eye base or similar colored shadows. Any of these look gorgeous over a black base, especially the darker shades.

For me the standout shade is Galaxy, because that’s exactly what the shade looks like. The glitter reflects so many different colors and the base is a universally pretty blue-ish gray. Very eye-catching and I love this all over the lid with a black base and smoked out lower lash line.

In my opinion, the shadow quality within this palette is pretty consistent. My only complaint is that I wish they would’ve included one more light shade beside Specter. Other than that I am completely obsessed with this palette, and it is currently my favorite thing in my collection.
Thanks for hanging out!

Stay rad.-Punk


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