Infallible Foundation Fight

What’s up punks, today’s Try it Tuesday is a showdown between the L’Oreal Pro-Matte and L’Oreal Pro-Glow foundations.

I’ve been a fan of the Pro-Matte and Infallible range as a whole for a hot minute, I mentioned the shadows in my drugstore must haves, so when they came out with a dewier formula, my interest was piqued. Going into this I am aware that glowy foundations are not typically compatible with my oily as h*ck skin on the daily, but for pictures I can usually last a bit before I turn into an oil slick.

Here’s some photo comparisons with and without flash:

If you can tell, the Pro-Glow is ever so slightly pinker and reflects light more than the Pro-Matte, as one would expect. In terms of wear, the Pro-Glow is not quite as full coverage and does take longer to dry. It doesn’t make me look greasy, which is a plus, but I do need to powder when I wear it to prolong the wear-time. The Pro-Matte is super full coverage on me and looks incredibly natural, matching me just a tad better. I love using both of these mixed in with other foundations as well, I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I am not as cool toned as I once thought, but my face is not as yellow as the rest of me. Mixing these in usually results in really neutral matches, and worn alone they typically match once bronzer and powder have come into play.

Overall, I actually really like both of these. Matte looks have always been my thing, but over the summer I was a big fan of a more luminous, glowy face. That being said, I like heavier and more matte foundations in the winter so I will probably be reaching for (and picking up a second tube) of the Pro-Matte in these coming months.

Thanks for hangin out, let me know what you think of these in the comments, and happy Tuesday!

Stay weird.-Punk



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  1. I absolutely love the glow one, need to try the matte asap! Love the post xoxo

    my latest post 💕


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