Try Ipsy Tuesday: 3 Spooky 5 Me

I’m baaaaaaack!! :D After being rather ill for the past week and a half I’m finally feeling good enough to do makeup, and jazzed for Halloween, so I thought I’d give y’all a run-down of my October Ipsy bag.


The theme this month was Black Magic and, if I’m being real, this is my favorite bag  I’ve gotten since subscribing. This fits my creepy/cute aesthetic to a T, and I’m going to carry this with me all the time. Halloween is never over in my house.


The first thing I busted out of this bag was a facial moisturizer from Promise Organic. At first I was concerned cause I thought it said Coconut Oil, which is comedogenic and not at all good for my acne-prone/oily skin, but when I figured out how to read again I was interested in seeing how this actually worked. And I ended up liking it. This stuff smells like tropical heaven, feels very moisturizing without any greasiness, and sinks into the skin rather nicely. I don’t know if this is just me seeing things, but I swear my skin actually looked more supple and hydrated after I rubbed this in. So far this glam bag is killing it.


Next up was an eye brush from the brand Lottie London. Super cute, soft bristles, and this particular brush shape I love for highlighting my brow bone. This brush performed beautifully, highlighting my brow bone and also packing color onto my lid. Not much more to say about this one.

I was pretty excited to get the Balm’s Hot Mama Blush/eyeshadow, my only issue is that the pan is waaaaay too small to use as a blush, but as anyone that knows me can attest, I am a fiend for peach, so the small pan can be forgiven. This was super pretty on the eyes, very smooth and pigmented. Also, the packaging is adorable. This was another win.

Now for the biggest disappointment in this bag, Ciate London’s Fierce Flicks felt tip liner. I loathe felt tip liners, y’all know I love the brush tip on the KVD Tattoo Liner. The formula is very black, but I had a real hard time getting the edges smooth without feathering, and at the end of the day it had smudged and bled. Not cute.

Lastly, I got a lip crayon from Trestique in the shade Belize Bordeaux. The formula is creamy, but I did have to layer quite a bit for full payoff, but I think with some lip liner that wouldn’t be such an issue. That said, wine colored lips are a fall staple and I don’t have anything quite like this in my collection so, I count this one as a win as well.

Here’s me using everything in this months bag, the moisturizer alone on the left and the full look on the right.

Thanks for hanging out, I’ll be making up for lost time with some more Halloween posts for y’all so keep an eye out for those!

Stay weird.-Punk


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  1. I have to give that promise organic a try it sounds like a great product. Great review ! XOXO Aidensworld21

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  2. Marissa Wagler says:

    I also got the face lotion and loved it! Such a great scent! I surprisingly actually loved my eyeliner from Ciate as well. It was pretty long lasting for me! The real bummer is that I can’t find it for sale anywhere online.


    1. The Prep The Punk The Posh says:

      lol I hate when that happens, my issue with the Coates liner was just that it’s felt tip, with practice it got a bit easier to use and I like the formula now, though I still prefer my brush tips. I’m loving the moisturizer right now actually, I’ve been using it for over a week and it’s still impressing me -Punk


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