Easy Last Minute Halloween Look

If you procrastinate like I do, boy do I have the Halloween makeup for you.

So this look is insanely easy, most of it can be done with your fingers, and it’s been everywhere on insta so you’ll even be on-trend if that’s something you’re into. Mermaids are pretty hype at the moment.

Products used:


*Note: You can use anything you have on hand tbh, but here’s what I was working with.

First thing I did was blue-out my eyebrows and applied a glowy base overtop of a ton of green color corrector for a more aquatic skintone.

Next was the eyes, I applied the lime/chartreuse to the inner 1/2 and the blue toned grey to the outer 1/2, with a smudgy downward line in black for some definition and to look more fish-like.

Then I used the same blue toned grey to contour and the lime color on my cheekbones and temples, between the two I did a stripe of the white.

Next is the fun part, scales. Now everyone knows you can use fishnets but if you don’t have any or don’t want to cut them up, you can cut a small square off of a normal shower poof (clean is recommended, otherwise soak in alcohol to disinfect) and apply eyeshadow overtop, I used an aqua and silver for my scales.

Last I did my lips, aqua base with mint in the center and silver scales. I also spritzed my hair with water, if you need to maintain the wet look I recommend some gel.

Ta-da! This look can be done with whatever you have lying around, and even tweaked to be a dragon or lizard-person/politician. Whatever floats your boat.

Thanks for hangin’, and Happy Halloween!!

Stay weird.-Punk


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