I use eyeshadow for my whole face?

Hi there sweet pea! For today’s Try It Tuesday I’m going to be doing my full face of makeup with just one eyeshadow palette! If you want to know how it goes keep on reading!I chose a rather neutral palette for this challenge because I wear mostly neutral eye looks and I thought it would work out better when trying to do my face makeup. I’m using the NYX Avant Pop Palette in “Nouveau Chic“, I’ve added labels to make this post easier.


Since there was no way I was going to be able to do my ENTIRE face with just eyeshadow I’m starting this post off with my base done and powdered. before

The next step was eye makeup. Since I’m using an eye palette that I enjoy this step was super easy. I primed my lids and set it with shade 1. I threw shade 3 in my crease, shade 2 on my lids and shade 4 in my outer v. I took shade 5 along my lower lashline, but there isn’t a ton of pigment so I’d recommend putting down a purple liner if you want this color to really pop. I finished off the eyes by using shade 6 as a upper lashline liner and shade 2 as an inner corner highlight.

Let’s move on to the face. First I took shade 1 and swept off my bake powder under my eyes, this color worked well for this because it has a slight yellow undertone like a banana powder. I took shade 6 and lightly put this in the hallows of my cheeks, be careful because this color is very pigmented and you will end up with a grey/brown stripe across your face. I used shade 4 for my bronzer and I made sure to tap off the excess on this color too because of the pigmentation. For blush the only color that made sense was shade 3 but it didn’t really show up on my cheeks. For highlighter I chose to use shade 2 because it was more peachy golden and I thought it would look nice since I used this color all over my lids. I know you can’t really see it in the pictures but my highlight was brighter than my future.


To finish off my look I took a combination of shade 4 and 6 to make a color for my brows. I filled them in with a pencil like normal and topped it off with this powder duo. It was a little darker than the shade I normally use for my brows but it actually wasn’t half bad. After adding some mascara and setting spray this is the final look.


While this experiment wasn’t too difficult it was interesting for my to see that I don’t necessarily NEED all the separate products when I can use one palette for most of my face. If you travel a lot it might benefit you to look into using some eye or face palettes for all over. (or just get a palette that has both I guess)

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you a new perspective on your makeup collection!

–Keep it Posh

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  1. Wow! It’s not bad at all! You look stunning and pulled it off really well! Great challenge 💛

    Laura| http://www.lauralivinglife.com

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