Beauty Junkees brushes for this Beauty Junkie

Hi there sweet pea! Today I’m going to give y’all the lowdown on this awesome inexpensive brush set!I heard about this set from YouTuber Beth K (check out her channel here) she’s a cruelty-free YouTuber and she was raving about the sponge in this set especially but she mentioned that the brushes were pretty good too. So I placed an Amazon order!

The set I’m talking about is from a company called Beauty Junkees and you can pick it up on Amazon for around 20 dollars. This set comes with four brushes, a sponge, and a carrying case.

  1. The case – Since this is a faux leather black bag it looks clean and simple. This inside is lined with a pink nylon material making it easy to clean. Also this bag is huge! I didn’t think that it would hold so much but it can fit ALL of my makeup brushes (which is about 40 brushes).
  2. The sponge – This was the product that Beth especially raved about so when I received my package I was particularly excited to try this out! It is structured the same as the Real Techniques Miracle Completion Sponge (review here) since it has the flat side and the pointed edge. I like the shape of the sponge, the flat side makes it easy to apply foundation and blend out large areas of the face. This sponge is a little more dense than the RT one but still soft enough that I don’t mind using it all over my face. I prefer to use this sponge to apply my under eye bake because it can pick up a ton of powder.  I’ve been using this sponge for about 4 months and it definitely is dead but it lasted about as long as any of my other sponges.
  3. The Pro-Sculptor brush – First off I’d like to say that all of these brushes are extremely soft and they hold up after being washed. I use this brush for its intended purpose, which is contouring, I actually really love this brush for contouring.scultptor
  4. The Pro-Detailer brush –  Beauty Junkees promotes this brush as a nose contouring brush, which is definitely not what I use it for. I don’t actually use this brush often because I don’t really have a use for it. Sometimes I set my eye primer with this brush but usually it just sits in my brush cup.detailer
  5. The Pro-Highlighter brush – I LOVE this brush. It’s the perfect highlighting brush for my cheekbones, it’s a tear drop shape that puts the perfect amount of product on your cheeks so you don’t look like a disco ball but you still get your glow on. highlighter
  6. The Pro-Duo Fiber brush – When I first got this set I had to google what to do with this brush because I wasn’t sure how to use this type of brush. Since I don’t use cream contouring or blush products I decided to use this brush for my pigmented blushes and it has been working out great!duo-fiber

To summarize this post I really like this set and I would highly recommend it if you’re in the market for some new face brushes! If you have any questions leave them in the comments below!

–Keep it Posh


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  1. Beauty Spy says:

    Ohh ill have to give these a try! x

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