My Drugstore Mascara Adventure 

What’s up party people, this Try it Tuesday is detailing my foray into the world of drugstore mascara.

This unintentionally ended up being all L’Oreal, but I’ve always been a fan of higher end mascaras, my holy grail is Benefit Roller Lash. But with how often mascara needs to be replaced and the variety I like to keep, the benefits of the drugstore were calling me.

Here’s a quick rundown of the ones I’ve tried so far:


This one was the first, the Voluminous Butterfly in Midnight Black. I loved the length and volume that this mascara provided, but it flaked like none other. The only way I found to prevent flaking was with a waterproof lash primer, but then the curl and length was ruined. Overall I really loved how this looked, but can’t I hang with flaky mascara.


Next I tried the waterproof formula, and while this got rid of the flaking problem, the length and curl was not up to par with what I want from my mascaras. I don’t like having to curl my lashes, I usually just forget, and even then it didn’t really help. Layering just made my lashes clump up. So, this was a bust.


THE REAL MVP: I love this mascara so much. Provides insane length and separation, makes my lashes look phenomenal. No loss of curl as the day goes on, no flaking, and when I layer it it doesn’t clump. The only drawback for me is the wand being a bit difficult to use on the lower lashes, but that’s pretty standard with most decent sized mascara wands so I’m not too bothered.

Thanks for hanging out, what are some other drugstore mascaras I should check out? What would you like to see on Try It Tuesday?

Stay rad.-Punk



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