Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

Hi there sweet pea! This Try it Tuesday revolves around a pricey liquid foundation, the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation!If you don’t want to fully read this review my final thoughts on this foundation is that it’s not worth the money. For $40 I had high expectations for this foundation and it definitely fell flat. I’m glad Ulta has such a good return policy so I can exchange this product for something else!

I wanted to give this foundation a chance so I primed my face like normal. I use the NYX Shine Killer on my T-Zone and the Wet N’ Wild Coverall Primer on the outer part of my cheeks. After I applied the foundation I set it with my Coty Airspun powder. I tested it for a few days to see how it did in different weather and how it lasted through the different activities I was doing. Also I use the shade 1.5 and it’s pretty much a perfect winter color for me.

What it claims to do~

  1. Be so packed full of pigment that you only need a little product and you don’t have to build with multiple layers.
  2. This foundation is supposed to be “Perfect for all-night affairs and other scandalous activities,” but is still “comfortable enough for all day wear”.
  3. It’s supposed to be waterproof.
  4. It claims to give you a “modern matte” finish that “never looks overdone”.
  5. Light-diffusing pigments are supposed to blur flaws so your skin looks flawless.
  6. Some of the ingredients are supposed to absorb oil and reduce the appearance of shine.

My thoughts on each of the claims~

  1. This foundation is definitely full coverage.The claim is that you won’t have to apply multiple layers but in my opinion you can’t really apply multiple layers because it’ll be WAY too heavy on the skin. And since it’s so full coverage you only need one pump for your whole face, so the bottle will go a long way!
  2. This foundation didn’t last amazingly on my skin. My 6 dollar foundation lasts about the same length of time, so why would I spend 40? And I find that at the end of my day the foundation starts to break up and look cakey. For how full coverage it is though it doesn’t feel heavy one the skin.
  3. I actually haven’t tested this claim, so I don’t really know. It did last pretty well through a long nap though
  4. What does this claim even mean? This foundation does give you a semi-matte finish, so I guess this is true if that’s what modern matte mean?
  5. I think since this foundation is so full coverage all your imperfections are covered more than “blurred”.
  6. This is a lie! I got as oily as I always do.

I do like that this foundation has a pump, it makes dispensing the product super easy. The packaging overall is super pretty, but does packaging really matter?

To reiterate my previous thoughts, I plan on returning this foundation simply because I don’t think it’s worth the money.

I hope you enjoyed this review and it helped you decide if you’re going to pick up this foundation. Have a question? Leave it in the comments below!

–Keep it Posh


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