Posh tries Non-touring!

Hi there sweet pea! This Try it Tuesday is all about Non-touring, or contouring with highlight. Keep reading to see how it went!

As some of you may know I’m a busy college student, and while I love makeup sometimes I don’t want to spend forever getting ready. I usually do a really light contour to add some definition back into my face after applying foundation. Blending out contour can be quite the task though, especially if you tend to be heavy handed (@ me). I heard about this trend over the summer when popular YouTube beauty gurus like Huda Beauty and Shaaanxo displayed tutorials on their channels. This technique looks really natural and effortless, a look I go for when I don’t want to do the full routine.

I started this with my regular foundation routine. Typically you would do a lighter coverage BB cream or something more natural but I prefer the full coverage look. I also did my eye makeup and eyebrows. I tried to keep my eyes pretty light but instead opted for a shimmer shadow on the lid. I used my e.l.f eyebrow kit to achieve a bushy brow, adding to the simple and natural look.


I started my highlighting with the Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Bronzer in “Reserve your Cabana”, this highlight is pretty light so I used  bigger fluffy brush and applied this from my temples down my cheekbone. I also took a little of this highlight above my eyebrows to add some glow to my forehead.


Next I took the Pixi highlight in “Rose Gold” this highlight is stunning! Punk actually got this in an Ipsy but she didn’t want it so I got it (score!) and this is probably my favorite highlighter. It’s easy to blend out if you want a softer highlight or you can build it up to achieve that extreme glow. For this look I tried to land somewhere in the middle because I’m adding another even more intense highlight on top of it!


For my last highlight I wanted something super intense that was going to give me some serious glow. Naturally the first highlight I thought of was the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter-Pressed in “Champagne Pop”. This highlight it a little darker than the first two but since I still have a tan it still works on my skin tone. I applied this with a large fan brush to distribute the product across the tops of my cheeks for that perfect finishing touch.


I also added a little bronzer and blush so my face had some more dimension.

Here’s pictures of the final product in sunlight and not. I’m not sure how gurus get those stunning pictures of their highlighter but I promise I’m quite shiny in person right now. Here’s a picture of the three highlighters swatched side-by-side.

highlighter swatches with labels.png

And that’s all for this post! I hope you enjoyed it and you give it a try! What is your favorite highlighter at the moment?

–Keep it Posh


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