Hi there sweet pea! Today I’m going to share my experience with and do a little haul on what I picked up. On my journey to going completely cruelty-free I’ve heard a TON about and their cruelty-free body and hair products. Since I don’t have a car here at college ordering things online and having them shipped directly to me is usually the most convenient. Most sites have a minimum amount that you can order to get free shipping and while I didn’t do that this time I did get free shipping because I was a first time shopper.

I will say though that ordering from this site was a bit of a trick. When I entered my shipping information the site wouldn’t let me enter the second line of my address. I ended up having to order over the phone which wasn’t the worst thing but it did take up more time than I would’ve preferred. Vitacost’s customer service was really helpful though so it made the whole process a little more bearable.

Let’s get into what I actually purchased from the site! I will say that everything I picked up was significantly cheaper on Vitacost than if I were to go into Target to pick them up. I also haven’t used any of these items yet so I can’t give a review of them yet but if you want to know my thoughts on these products let me know in the comments!

  1. Shikai Color Reflect Shampoo in Platinum $7.99- I recently lightened my hair so I wanted to pick up a toning shampoo.
  2. Desert Essence Organics Red Raspberry Shampoo $5.69- I’ve been running low on shampoo so I thought I’d pick up a pretty inexpensive (apparently good smelling) shampoo.img_8093
  3. EO Essential Oil Products: EveryOne Lotion Lavender and Aloe (32oz) – I couldn’t pass on the deal that was this lotion. I saw this exact lotion in Target for $11 and I picked this up from Vitacost for $7.17!img_8092
  4. Jason Deodorant Stick for Men $4.79- Finding cruelty-free deodorant in stores is not the easiest task. I’ve already reviewed some from Toms (check it out here) and I wasn’t completely obsessed with them so I ordered a few different ones from here.
  5. Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-On Fragrance Free – As I’ve already mentioned I wanted to pick up another deodorant option. Something strange about this one though is that you HAD to order a quantity or two of them so while individually they were only $2.90 you ended up having to spend $5.80.


I also thought that I’d mention that the box states how natural the brand is and how much they’re devoted to recycling. I really appreciate when companies do this to encourage customers to be more eco friendly.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Vitacost if you’re a fan of online shopping or deals! Let me know your thoughts on Vitacost or if you want to see a review on any of these products!

–Keep it Posh

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