Drugstore Moisturizer For Oily and Acne Prone Skin

Happy Skincare Saturday, today’s gonna be a chill rundown of some moisturizer I’ve been living lately that just happens to be wallet friendly.

Both of these are from the Olay Fresh Effects line, one (the swirled mattifier) comes in a set for $19.99 with a acne spot treatment and exfoliating cleanse that I’ve also been loving, though you can buy it separate online, and the other is a bit pricey for drugstore but totally worth it in my opinion. The prices of the Dew Over vary depending on where you purchase it, but the neighborhood is $30 seems to be the average.

The swirled mattifier claims to keep the oil at bay while moisturizing the skin and priming it for makeup. I reach for this in the mornings and while it doesn’t feel greasy, it isn’t mattifying enough to be my only makeup primer, which I don’t particularly mind.  I don’t like that stores near me only carry the full set, but I really like the full set so it’s not a deal breaker, and for $20 it’s a great deal.

The Dew Over gel moisturizer is soooo hydrating, and since it’s oil free it doesn’t leave me greasy. This has been saving me from the cold, dry air lately and I slather it on every night and on no-makeup days. A little goes a very long way, I only dip a fingertip into the jar to cover my whole face. The price is justified to me for the amount of product and how little you need to use, but shelling out $30  on a moisturizer is still new for me.

Thanks for hanging out, let me know what you’ve been loving in the comments.

Stay rad.-Punk


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