These Boots Were Made for Walking

Happy Work it Wednesday kids, this is a run-down of a super comfy and extremely practical winter outfit that’s been rotating through my wardrobe of let so let’s get to it.

Lately I’ve been embracing my tendency towards monochromatic looks, particularly all-black outfits. This one isn’t entirely black, though it definitely stays in the black/grey/white color family.  I img_1126covered the sweater and leggings in my Black Friday Haul, from Rue21 and Charlotte Russe respectively. The sweater is light and extremely flattering, with cuts in the sides that go up to the waist for a draped effect. I love that the v-neck isn’t too deep, and with a higher cut undershirt you could even play with a little more color. To dress this up a bit more I would add a choker and probably another layered necklace, that seems to be my M.O., and maybe some rings with a bracelet, also a standard for me of late. The leggings are super thick and fleece-lined, my legs were plenty toasty whilst taking these picks in our chilly winter weather. My only complaint is that they aren’t higher waisted, but it’s nothing I can’t deal with.

My favorite part of this whole outfit is the boots. They’re Sorels and OMG expensive ($260), but they’re legitimate waterproof winter boots with treads that actually have traction through slush and ice, while also being super cute knee-high wedges. They’re also much warmer than any of my other pairs of boots. Will definitely be my go-to on my snowboarding trips this year.

Here are some close ups:

And another full body shot:


Thanks for hanging out, stay warm out there! Be sure to follow our instagram @preppunkposh if you haven’t already!

Stay rad.-Punk


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