CHI Flatiron Review!

Hi there sweet pea! I decided to take advantage of Ulta’s Black Friday sales and pick up a new flatiron. This post is going to give you the run down on how I feel about the Ultra CHI 1″ Hairstyling Iron. Before I purchased this flatiron I was working with a $20 Revlon 1″ iron from Walmart. And while that lasted me for about 6 years it was definitely starting to loose some steam. I’ve also changed up what I like to use my flatirons for, since I have pin straight short hair I don’t often actually straighten my hair (because I can just leave it natural). Recently I’ve been using my flatiron to curl the ends of my hair if I want a natural looking flip instead of using an actual curling iron and making all of my hair curly. It turns out something like this.

Anyways, let’s talk about the flatiron. I picked up the Ultra Chi 1″ Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron in the pattern Moonlight Shimmer. I can’t find this pattern on anymore but they have a couple different options that you can choose from, I’ve linked the pattern “Wisteria Willow” because it has the closest color scheme!  This iron is originally $150 but was on sale for $75 and is currently on sale (as of December 15th) for $100! Since I had been thinking about purchasing a new flatiron I obviously tried to buy it when it was going to be cheapest.

I love this flat iron! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m comparing it to an old cheap iron or if it really is that good but y’all curling my hair with iron is so easy and that’s a feeling I’ve never experienced. This iron makes me excited to actually style my hair instead of just leaving it natural.

Some details on this product is that it has a super long chord. While that isn’t a make or break deal for me because of how my bathroom is set up I know that’s important to a lot of people. This iron also comes with a free tote. It is a canvas material on the top half of the bag and a coppery shiny metal looking material on the bottom. Realistically I don’t know how much use I’m going to get out of this bag but it was a nice bonus! This iron goes from 330 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit and heats up in about 30 seconds.

If you’re in the market for a new flatiron I’d recommend checking out some of CHI’s products and giving them a try! I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions leave them in the comments below!

–Keep it Posh



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