Anti-Frugal Friday: Naked Edition

It’s been a hot minute since our last Anti-Frugal Friday, and we’re going out with a bang heading into the new year with a Naked Palette Showdown.

First up is the OG Naked Palette from the days of the velvety-cardboard and the old shadow formula.


To be honest, I never really wanted this palette. I don’t love glittery neutral palettes, I’d much rather have mattes or brights. This palette, to me, isn’t entirely functional by itself either. You’d need another palette for your base, brow highlight, crease and transition. Even if you plan on using the two mattes in the palette (Naked and Buck), they aren’t enough for a full eye look for me. Half-Baked was an absolute standout shade along with Toasted, both were extremely smooth and pigmented. The formulas of the rest were hit or miss, and none too extraordinarily different that you couldn’t find a dupe. Overall, meh. I can live without this palette. (Good thing since it’s borrowed..)

Now for the sequel, Naked2. This one still has the old formula, while not bad, it’s not as phenomenal as the newer formulations.


Okay right off the bat I like this one better. Three mattes is better than two, especially when one of them is Blackout, one of my favorite matte blacks on the market. This palette has a matte base color, though not light enough for me, and mattes for the transition and crease if you’re light/medium skin. Already more functional in that respect, but Half Baked isn’t as good in this one, though Chopper picks up the slack. This palette is smoother, and in my opinion requires less supplemental help. I should really use this one more. We have another review here.

The trilogy continues! I borrowed this one as well, and while I’ve said I wanted Naked3 for a while, I think I can live without it.


We have a few posts concerning this one, so I’ll keep this brief. The shadows are great, the palette is good, I love pink shadow so very much, but this palette isn’t anything special. Blackheart is a disappointment, the mattes are patchy, and the only standout for me was Buzz. Next!

The prodigal son. So good, so pure. Naked Smoky is the continuation we didn’t know we needed that gave us everything and more.


If you’re going to get a Naked palette, this is the one to get.  The packaging is gorgeous and sturdier, the hinges let you keep the mirror at the angle you need, and the layout is superb. Keeping the four mattes on the far left is such a weird thing to like, but I do. I love the brush in this one the most, with the pencil brush end instead of the shader. This palette also has the new formula  and completely blows the rest away as far as smooth, even pigmentation is concerned. Combust is one of my favorite transitions of all time and Whiskey is gorgeous as a crease color and smoked out along the lower lashline. I use this one the most and this is the one I travel with. Being able to take just one palette is a feat, and this one has everything I need for a full eye look.

Thanks for hanging out, and stay tuned for my upcoming Naked Basics showdown, with the two mini palettes and the new Ultimate palette.

Stay rad.-Punk


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  1. This is so interesting! I’ve always wondered which one is the best! Love the blog post! Feel free to check out my most recent blog post too! ❤❤


  2. Omg I love my Naked palettes😍


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