New Year New Blog

Dear Readers,

After the start of this blog in February of 2016 we’ve gone through quite the evolution. Our pictures have gotten better, we’ve learned how to compose posts in a more comprehensive manner,  we’ve become much busier, leading to the departure of one of our contributors. Additionally, our content has become less involved and less frequent.

In acknowledgement of these changes, we’ve realized we aren’t really The Prep The Punk The Posh anymore. For one, Prep hasn’t had a presence here in a while, and won’t be able to for the foreseeable future. We aren’t the trio without her, and as such we have decided to re-brand. Unconventionally Ordinary is how we’ll be moving forward. A name that doesn’t limit our possible number of contributors, and leaves room for Prep if she’s ever able to return. Our new name is also much more fitting of our style, we’re complex people with diverse interests and aesthetics while still being relatable.

What this all means is the content will stay the same, maybe even get better as we strive to improve, in a more cohesive direction as a whole. We’ll keep our themed days, maybe less hair because we don’t have any, but largely the same across the board. We’d still love your feedback and constructive criticism, and any requests of posts you’d like to see from us.

So hi I’m Rae aka Punk.
img_0714And I’m Dahltyn aka Posh.


Thanks for your support in this transition, let us know if you have any questions! (The exclamation point was a stylistic choice by Dahltyn and does not reflect the views of Rae.) (Commas brought to you by Rae – Dahltyn)

 ~Rae and Dahltyn


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