Finish 18 by ’18 Intro!

Hi there! Ever since this summer I’ve been obsessed with Project Panning. I tried my hand at panning an old eyeshadow palette (you can check out that post here) and it was successful enough considering how much makeup I was wearing this summer. So I thought I’d try out a year long project to work some of the older products out of my collection.I’m going to go through the products list style. There are a couple products that I’m going to combine with different products because I really want to push myself to finish up these products. I’m going to keep the review part of this post shorter because I’ve already talked about a lot of these products and I feel like I’ll be able to give a more in depth review once I’ve finished it.

Eyes ~

  1. Milani Eyeshadow in Cappuccino – I love the Milani Bella Eyes shadows but I’ve discovered that I’m not a single shadow person so I want to finish up a couple of them. This is a great lid, transition, or even brow color! I don’t forsee any problems trying to finish this up.
  2. NYX Eyeshadow in Lap Dance – For the same reason that I’m not a single shadow person I also want to finish this shadow. I always use a shade like this to set my lid primer and to highlight my browbone. Even though this shadow is practically brand new both in age and usage I thought this would be another easy shade to pan.
  3. Flower Beauty Creme shadow in Wild Geranium – I LOVE this creme shadow! When I first got it it was super whipped and it’s crazy pigmented. That being said I’ve started to notice that it’s drying out and I want to finish it up this year before it’s too dried out. Also Flower beauty doesn’t even make this creme shadow anymore which is so upsetting!!
  4. The black shade from my Sonia Kashuk palette – This was kind of a gimme product in that I already have a lot of the pan showing and I use this shadow almost every day as liner for my upper lashline. Since it is such a pigmented black though it’ll still take me a while to work through. Check out our review of this palette here!
  5. Wet N’ Wild Walking on Eggshells palette – I don’t often reach for smaller eye palettes but when I do it’s never this one. I’m not sure why I don’t use this because the colors are so pigmented and easy to use I just always forget about it so I want to hit pan on all three shades so I can finally get some use on it.
  6. The NYX Slide on Eye Pencil in Black and the NYX Wonder Pencil in Light – Now I realize this is technically two products but I typically use these as my everyday pencils because I’ve been trying to use them up so I thought I would just make them one item. The black pencil I’m not the biggest fan of but the wonder pencil I really like for my water line and to highlight my browbone. (you can check out a more in depth opinion here)img_8190
  7. The Ulta Gel Eyeliners in Majestic and Peacock – I really like this pencil formula but I just don’t reach for colored liner even though I love how they look. Ideally I’d like to finish these products but realistically I’d just like to get some significant use on these.img_8189
  8. elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium – I’ve written a review on this product and while I really enjoy it I don’t like keeping it for too long because it can loose its creaminess. This product was also kind of a gimme product because I totally don’t mind using this everyday. Also I only want to finish the gel side the powder just doesn’t do it for me.img_8201

Face ~

  1. Pixi Highlight in the shade Rose Gold – I’m so glad Rae gave me this highlighter/ blush duo because this is hands down my favorite highlight shade. I’ve already hit pan on it which is why I’m not scared to throw it in this project even though it is a pretty intense golden highlight.
  2. Wet N’ Wild highlight in Reserve your Cabana – I’ve also already hit pan on this highlight but it’s pretty powdery so I think I’ll be able to get pretty far with it over the course of the year. While I’m not sure if I’ll be able to completely finish this product but since there is (expired) sunscreen in this product I don’t want to use it for too much longer.
  3. elf Pressed Powder in Translucent – I picked this up this summer and I’ve only used it once or twice so I thought by putting it in this project I’d be encouraged to actually use it. img_8196
  4. The Pixi Concealing Concentrate potted concealer and the NYX Above and Beyond Coverage concealer in Fair – These are two concealers that I typically use together so I thought I’d make them count as one product. I’ve already hit jar on the NYX concealer because I use it on my chin forehead and nose to brighten those areas. I use the Pixi concealer on my acne spots so it’ll probably take me a bit longer to finish that one up but I’m already more than halfway done. img_8200
  5. Benefit Blush in Dallas – This is defiantly going to be my most difficult product. I’ve already been working on this product for a solid 6 months and I’m just starting to see a tiny dip in the pan. I chose to throw this blush in here though because this is my only non-cruelty free product left in my makeup collection. I’m currently using this as a bronzer since I’m super pale right now and I think that’s helping but this blush is going to take everyday use to finish. The good thing though is that this blush is so neutral that I can get away with wearing this and another blush without looking like a clown.

Lips ~

  1. NYX Lip Liner in Nectar – I didn’t actually purchase this product, it came as a gift with purchase at some point. Because of that, I don’t use it very often and it’s getting up there in age so I thought I could use it up with this product and move on.img_8202
  2. NYX Round Case Lipstick in Tea Rose – I think I ordered this only so I didn’t realize that this color is lighter than I thought it was going to be. I’m not sure but I don’t really like the color so I’m going to try different lip liners under it and maybe try mixing it was a darker lip color to make it work. img_8203
  3. Wet N’ Wild Velvet Matte Lip Color in Transcendence – I like this product but I’m not the biggest fan of the color. Like the NYX lipstick I thought this project might be the reason I need to put some significant use into this product. img_8204
  4. NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait and Vanilla Cream Pie – I’ve never been a gloss person so these glosses (along with the next ones) just sit in my collection. They’re really nice and so far I’ve been wearing Vanilla Cream Pie around my room because they’re very moisturizing. img_8205
  5. NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Pie and Red Velvet – For the same reasons as the last product I just don’t reach for these so this is going to be their last year in my collection. img_8206

And that’s all of the products! I marked the amount of product of things like the eyeliners and lipliners and anything else where progress couldn’t be marked directly on the package on a scrap piece of paper. I think I’m going to come back in June and do a halfway update, so until then wish me luck!



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