Save the Shins pt 2!

Hi there! Today’s post is going to be a continuation on a post Rae made last year called “Save the Shins“, I thought I’d give my take on this post with some cruelty-free shaving products!Let’s start with shaving cream because this is actually pretty accessible. I’ve been using the Cremo shaving cream, and let me tell you this stuff is awesome! You’re supposed to get your skin wet with the hottest water you can stand so that the cream bonds with your skin so chance of nicks are lowered. I’ve also found that I don’t really get razor burn anymore on my underarms. You’re also supposed to use a really thin layer so your razor can actually get to the hairs instead of just taking off foam.

That all being said this shaving cream leaves my skin feeling so smooth and moisturized! It took a little bit of a learning curve because I’m used to traditional foaming shaving cream so I had to figure out how to ensure that I got all of the hair off. If you’re a fan of shaving with conditioner but now want to try an actual shaving cream I would recommend this one! I pick mine up from Walmart for about $5 and it lasts me months! Granted since it’s winter now I haven’t been shaving as often but when I got this in June I was saving pretty much every other day and I still have some left in the bottle.


As for razors this was a bit more difficult than finding a cruelty-free shaving cream option. I didn’t necessarily want to order online but sometimes you’ve got to do what you have to. I subscribed to Dollar Shave club and while the razor is nice I just don’t think I go through razors as quickly as they expect me too. I’m getting the 4 new cartridges every 2 months but I feel like that’s too frequent for me still. So for right now I’m going to stock pile for a bit then probably unsubscribe and maybe look for a different cruelty-free razor option. It was really easy to set up an account though so if you’re curious I would at least do the trial month!


I hope this post helped you! Also remember that shaving is a personal choice and you shouldn’t feel pressure to shave especially from me!



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