Organizing Rae’s Stash

Hi there! So fun fact about me, I’m a lover of all things organization. Rae on the other hand isn’t very organized (see pictures below). So since I’m an amazing friend I offered to help her organize and clean up her bathroom counter area.

To start off of this post  I think it would best to show y’all what I’m working with me. This is the starting point for the counter top, it’s a mix between makeup items, skincare, and random jewelry pieces.

Next we have the over the toilet organizer that mainly stores Rae’s nail polish collection, her brushes, and the bag for her single eyeshadow.


I didn’t take any pictures of how the inside of the drawers look but you can imagine they weren’t pretty.

Here’s some tips I used to help me tackle this mess:

  1. Take out the trash. This is the easiest way to clean up a space.
  2. Clean out anything that doesn’t need to be in the room, AKA any shoes, clothes, random bags.
  3. Pick one area and stick to it. I started with the drawers then moved on to the counters then I organized the over-the-toilet shelf.
  4. Another tip I can offer is to use left over shoe box lids and boxes from things you’ve purchased to help organize your smaller items like samples.
  5. I also recommend using smaller bags (like Ipsy bags) to organize the samples that you’re currently using.

Here’s how the counter and over-the-toilet organizer ended up.

Rae already has a good holder for all of her makeup and we can definitely do a separate post going more in-depth on the containers we use to organize our makeup. Don’t be afraid to get rid of old products while you’re cleaning up, I know it can be difficult because makeup is so expensive but if you never use it because you’re scared of it’s age its time to toss it.

I hope this post helped you, I find that when my makeup is organized I’m more excited to play with my entire collection rather than the 20 products I always use.


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  1. aletheatrnt says:

    I love your organisation skills 😍 ✌🏼🌟


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