Sweet As A Peach for Valentine’s

Hi there! I recently picked up the Sweet Peach palette by Too Faced because I have been LOVING my Chocolate Bar palette. This post is going to consist of a first impression of the palette and I’m going to try out a look by Shaaanxo from YouTube.

I wanted to do a simple/ natural Valentine’s day look for y’all but I was experiencing some serious creativity blocks. While scrolling through my subscriptions I saw a Valentine’s tutorial by Shaaanxo (check out her channel here), using the Sweet Peach palette. I thought this would be a great way to test out the palette and some Valentine’s Day looks. I’ve done a post similar to this for Tresses Thursday (you can view that post here)

I followed the tutorial closely for the lid, the lower lashline and liner I did something a little different but I still really like how it turned out. If you want to know what I did make sure you check out Shaaanxo’s video!)

I really like how this look turned out even though it is a little warmer than I’m used to. Something I would do different when doing this look is that I would apply “Bellini” with my finger  or a brush sprayed with water to really intensify this shade.

As for the palette so far so good! I don’t like the artificial peach smell all that much but I’m hoping it fades the longer I have it. I wish it had either a black shadow or a really dark brown that I could use as liner. One thing I really like about this palette is that it’s pigmented but not so pigmented that I’m scared to use it. The shades have enough pigment that you can definitely see them on your eyes but they’re easy to blend out.

I hope you enjoyed this short first impressions, make sure you check back towards the end of the month for an in depth review on this palette!


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  1. I saw this look on Shannon’s channel last night and you did a great job of recreating it.


    1. Thank you! I had a lot of fun recreating it!

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  2. You know I didn’t know how I felt about this palette because I couldn’t see how I’d use it- but that look is so gorgeous I’m definitely adding it to my wishlist now haha. Great post! xoxo


  3. Loved your post!!! :) That palette looks like a dream! I bet it smells amazing!


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