Favorite Booties for Spring!

Hi there! Today I’l be sharing my top 5 booties for spring with you! I have a nice mix of new and old so hopefully I’ll be able to link some!Since we’re moving into warmer weather but it can still be a bit chilly in the morning and at night I don’t always feel comfortable wearing sandals. Even though this is perfect sneaker weather for me I still want to wear my “winter” shoes. Also most stores are either starting to or have been putting their boot stock on sale to bring in their summer shoes.

Nonetheless let’s get into my top 5 booties for spring!

  1. Taupe boots from Bucco ~ I bought these boots a few years ago from Ross and I’m obsessed with it! It’s the perfect color to match with darker outfits (I LOVE these with navy dresses) and to pair with my brighter spring colors! I also love when the heels on boots make noise (that click-clack sound) when I walk and I’m not sure how to describe it but these shoes make a perfect click-clack noise.fullsizerender
  2. Madden Girl “Dutton” bootie in Wine Paris ~ These boots are great when you want to dress up an outfit but beware the heel is a little intense if you’re going to be walking for a really long time. I really like the texture that the chord on the back add, especially since it’s something different compared to the traditional buckles. img_8571
  3. G by Guess boot ~ This is another Ross purchase from a few years ago. I didn’t wear these shoes for a long time because I couldn’t figure out how to style this shade of brown but they’ve quickly turned out to be a favorite when paired with brighter colors or busier fabrics. Also I think the combat boot style is so timeless and easy to pair.img_8570
  4. Aldo “Scotch” boots ~ This Chelsea boot is so classic. I’ve been loving this pair with cuffed jeans and a simple tank. These pair is just so timeless and easy to throw on. Also these shoes make a really nice sound, that isn’t too loud. Also these shoes are really comfy, I’ve literally walked miles in them.img_8572
  5. Target Booties ~ I picked this pair up a few years ago and I’ll say they aren’t the comfiest because they isn’t a ton of padding on the ball of your foot. These shoes act like the Madden Girl pair by dressing up an outfit though. I really like this pair with navy or black if I want to do a lighter shoe than black.img_8573 And that’s all! Do you want to see a “How I Style Booties and Dresses” post? I hope you enjoyed looking at my bootie staple for spring!

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