Maybelline Fit Me Review

Happy Frugal Friday kids! Today I’m going to give y’all my thoughts on some of the Maybelline Fit Me products I’ve got, so let’s get to it.

First up is the Matte & Poreless Powder Foundation. This is my second one of these powders, and I really like this formula. It doesn’t make my skin look all dry and crepey and the coverage is fairly decent for a powder foundation. On really light makeup days I usually use this to set my BB Cream, pop on some mascara and tinted balm and I’m out the door. The color matches me pretty well, but even though it’s the lightest shade they carry if I use too heavy of a hand it can end up looking too dark. Overall, I do like this powder.


Next is the Matte & Poreless Liquid Foundation. I love this foundation. It’s got medium coverage, doesn’t look cakey, and is probably the most natural foundation I have. I know it should be matte considering the name but I actually like the finish more than if it was truly matte. My only gripe is the lasting time. After a full day I do notice some separation on my dry patches, but if I carry a sponge and setting spray it’s a pretty easy fix. Overall, like it for pics and short excursions, not when I need something to stay all day.

img_1366Lastly is the concealer. I use the lightest shade as my spot concealer and the darkest shade for cream contour. These blend really nicely, but the coverage isn’t as full as I would like. They don’t carry a shade light enough for me to highlight, but if they did it probably wouldn’t fully cover my dark circles. I do like this for covering any acne that shows through my foundation, but as a cream contour it gets a bit muddy and blends a little too well to be effective. Overall, I like these but I don’t love them.

That’s all I have, thanks for hanging out and I’ll see y’all soon.

Stay rad.-Rae


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Danielle says:

    Thanks for sharing your review. I am always looking for new foundation products that cover well yet feel light.


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