In Depth Sweet Peach Palette Review

Hi there! Today I’ll be following up to my Valentine’s Day look with a color by color review of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette!

Because this is going to be an in depth review I figure I might as a well get right into the review row by row. Also the swatch pictures are organized so that the left of the palette is the top of the picture. I also primed my arm with the e.l.f eyelid primer for swatches.

Top Row:

  1. White Peach – I don’t get a ton of use out of this shade because it’s too shimmery to set my lid but not shimmery enough to use as an inner corner highlight. This could be a nice browbone highlight if you prefer a shimmery brow!
  2. Luscious – This is my favorite shade in the palette! Whether it’s on top of a creme shadow, applied with my finger, or for a more subtle look to my lid this is a great all over lid shade!
  3. Just Peachy – This shade is another awesome lid shade when you really want to pull the pink out of this palette. The gold shift makes it a bit more wearable than a straight pink shade would be.
  4. Bless Her Heart – My Texan soul LOVES the name of this shade! But my neutral eye look love half hasn’t even thought about reaching for this color….. I think I need to watch some tutorials to get inspired with this one.
  5. Tempting – This is a black with a slight gold shift but it doesn’t really do anything for me. I prefer a matte black because I use it as liner. This shade is also super chalky and dry so it’s not the best formula.
  6. Charmed, I’m Sure – While this is a really pretty dark brown shade it isn’t anything really special. I’d say what really makes this palette is the shimmery lid shades!img_8621Second Row:
  7. Nectar – This is such a beautiful light gold shade! I really like this color in the inner corner. If you’re into a gold shimmery browbone this color could work well there too. Also the more you blend this color the less gold it looks so if you’re afraid of gold shades don’t be scared of this color!
  8. Cobbler – While in the pan this color looks like a simple bronze shade but when it’s swatched it pulls a little red rather than just bronze. I’m a fan of this color along my lower lashline or on my outer corner if I don’t want to use a matte shade.
  9. Candied Peach – In the pan this color has some gold glitter pieces but if you want to use this shade in your crease the gold pieces kind of flick away. Also in terms of warm light-to-mid tone transition shades this is really your only option.
  10. Belini – Yet another beautiful lid shade. This color is actually very similar to Just Peachy with more of a peach shift. Which is interesting considering that the other shade literally has the word “peach” in it.
  11. Peach Pit – This shade is STUNNING! It’s the prettiest purple/bronzy color for the outer corner. You can either pack this color onto the outer corner to get that purple kick or you can blend it out to get a more neutral color.
  12. Delectable – I had high hopes for this color since it’s a matte purple but this shade just does not perform. It’s chalky and not super pigmented.img_8622Third Row:
  13. Peaches ‘N Cream – I like to use this shade to set my lid primer and lightly highlight my browbone. If you’re super pale or like very subtle looks then this shade would be perfect in the crease as a transition color.
  14. Georgia – Truthfully this is the only really good transition shade in this palette. That being said this is a great slightly warm transition shade that matches well with the warm tones in the palette.
  15. Caramelized – In the pan this color looks similar to Cobbler but when swatched this is way warmer than Cobbler. This would be a great all over lid shade for darker looks or you could use it on the lower lashline as well.
  16. Puree – This is a crazy warm brown shade that works great in the crease or outer v. There isn’t anything particularly special but when mixed with the next shade in the palette this color works great.
  17. Summer Yum – Yet another warm matte shade, this one pulls more terracotta red though instead of the last brown orange shade. I really like this color on the eye blended out into the crease or mixed with Puree.
  18. Talk Derby To Me – I don’t understand colors like this. The glitter falls down your face when you blend it, not that it’s very blendable anyway. I’ve only used this as liner and I did not enjoy it one bit.fullsizerender-2

My overall thoughts on this palette is that I like it. Granted it has some shades that don’t perform very well but over all it works like a dream. I will say though that this palette is one that I have to be inspired to use, unlike other palettes that I can pick up and make a look out of relatively easily. Also I don’t really like the smell of this palette. It’s so artificial and if I sniff it for too long it causes a headache. The packaging is cute and durable but the magnet is pretty weak and doesn’t always keep my palette closed.

I hope you liked this review and it helped you decide if you want to purchase this palette!



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh you got your hands on this beauty! I really want in:D ( i follow back xo)

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    1. Yeah I’m so glad they made it permanent!!

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  2. phashionbug says:

    Hey Thanks for sharing your in depth review. On YouTube I have heard mixed reviews on this palette, but I love pretty much all the shades. loved your swatches and review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the different reviews I’ve seen made me want to try this palette out for myself to see what’s up! Glad you liked it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this review – I needed something like this to decide whether I was going to purchase I think it is defo going on my wishlist! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad I could help!

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