A Year in Summation: 2016

Hi there! Today we’re bring you a Year in Review of our first 365 days on the blog!This story starts one November (2015) night in our dorm’s floor lounge where Prep, Punk, and Posh were busy washing brushes watching the latest tutorial. The idea to make our very own YouTube channel was brought up and mulled over but ultimately forgotten as the night went on. As the months past we keep talking about forming a beauty blog together until finally on February 29th, 2016, we built our very own WordPress account, theprepthepunktheposh. Our posting schedule started as a six day a week venture where everyday had a designated theme, and work was divided evenly between the three of us.

Rae – One of the first posts that I was proud of was Tartan Dress, from last March. I liked how the outfit went together and how the pictures turned out. While writing the post I felt like we were an actual beauty blog that if I wasn’t writing it I would’ve read myself.


Dahltyn  – I still really love the first post I ever wrote. It was College Girl Chic featuring Prep as my model. I love her style and thought it would be an easy way to introduce my writing style to the blog. Looking back on the post I think it’s telling of how our pictures and picture editing have changed.



From April 3rd to July 11th of 2016 we took on the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge on our Instagram page. This was the first true test to see if we could keep up with school, two blog post a week each, and 2-3 makeup looks a week. The group consensus is that it was a good opportunity to look into our collections and play with new makeup looks. Props to anyone that has done the challenge, or even attempted it, on their own because we definitely got burned out toward the end of the 100 days.


For about 4 months the three of us were separated because we went back to our respective houses over the summer, and with distance between us taking pictures became difficult. With the 2 Softboxes we own distributed between the two Texans our Nebraskan was left with no decent lighting and only an Ipod touch to take her pictures. (She would like to inform you that it was Punk Rock af) Our hectic schedules made it difficult to stay in touch but we still managed to get most of our posts up.

Rae – Another post I was really proud of was my Drugstore Must Haves post before school started. It was extremely in-depth, I liked how the pictures turned out (thankfully) and they were all products that I had been using for long enough that I was very sure in my opinion on each product. I still think it’s one of my most solidly written and researched posts. Some more of my greatest hits include: Modded Out, Captain America: Civil War, and Black and Gold.


Dahltyn – The second post I want to highlight is my My Friends Dress Me? post. This was hands down my favorite to plan, take pictures for, AND write. Usually I get excited to actually write the post or do the makeup look but I was all around READY for this post to go live on the blog and to see the reaction. Some of my other favorites are: Brushes, Blushes, and Highlighters! Oh My!, Faux Freckles For the Fourth!, and  Drugstore Back to School Tutorial! 


Toward the end of August 2016, our posting frequency began to suffer because of school starting up again, all three of us having jobs, and the aforementioned picture taking difficulties. Because of these commitments the blog took the back burner in our lives, ultimately leading to Prep’s decision to leave the blog. If you’re curious about this change check out this post where we go a little more in-depth.


Now that our lives have (kind of) settled back down we’re trying to get our post quality and enthusiasm back to where it was in March of 2016. We want to continuously post things that we’re excited about and we want to keep evolving both and people and as artists. We both want to be more organized with our time prepping and writing blog posts.

Thanks for hanging out for the past year and we’ll see you in the 2017 recap.

Stay rad

Dahltyn and Rae


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