Anti-Frugal Haul: Pastel Goth Palette, Bold Covershot Palette, Razor Sharp Liners

Happy Anti-Frugal Friday, this is a bit of a mashup haul/first-impression/review of some of the pretty new makeup I’ve gotten recently so let’s just jump into it.

This is the acquisition I was the most excited about, the Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette. I’ve used this in a tutorial already, I’ve played with this palette quite a bit and I can honestly say that I love it. I love that it’s all matte, the pigmentation and blendability of these shadows is phenomenal on the eyes and I really am excited for the looks I can create with all these new colors in my collection.



I swatched this over my Urban Decay Original Primer Potion, and I will admit these don’t really wow when swatched. Just going by swatches I would say that Star, Clementine, Doom, and Skull are the least patchy and most pigmented. On the eyes, these all perform however. The texture of these is so ridiculously smooth and they don’t look chalky to me at all. These might look chalky over a drier base/primer, but that tends to be true of most mattes I’ve tried so that’s not really an issue to me. Gloom is absolutely stunning and definitely my favorite green in my collection.

Test Look:

Forgive my unkempt brows and messy liner application, I just wanted to test all these on the eye. I love to use Skull as a base shade, I pretty much always set my eye primer with a white shadow because I’m so ghostly pale and this is probably my favorite now for colorful looks because the extra pigment does make colors pop. I was really impressed with Star and Clementine in my crease, they blended like a dream and the pigmentation was just so even and beautiful. Meow and Dope needed a bit more work, but I kind of expect that from purple shades, they blend well but need to be built up to really stand out next to the other vibrant shades. I think they’d look bomb in the crease though, I’m really into a colorful crease with a light shimmery lid right now. Doom and Gloom were super vibrant on the eye, really excited to play with those more. I didn’t use much of Dagger and most of it was hidden behind the liner, but I have played with that shade a fair bit and I do really enjoy it. It’s a touch darker than the grey in the Sonia Kashuk palette and I actually like it a little bit more, because it’s darker and more pigmented I can use it alone in the crease on light makeup days like the cool neutral kid I am.

My number one makeup want has always been a set of matte rainbow eyeshadows, thank you so much Smashbox for releasing the Bold Covershot palette. I haven’t used this one as much, I don’t really expect to to be honest, I mostly purchased this to use in my more artistic looks for our instagram and for tutorials, though I will inevitably dig into this for an “everyday” look. I’ve never been a huge fan of Smashbox, I like their Photo Finish Primer and BB Cream but they’ve never really blown me away. Until I swatched this in store.



I hate that they don’t print the shade names, but I’ll forgive them because of how teeny tiny this palette is, it’s adorable.

Top row L-R: Techno and Stormy

Bottom Row L-R: Fling, Wait, What?, Bolt, Sell Out, Poolside,  and No Shame

Techno and Stormy were included to be able to transform any of the mattes to shimmers, one lightening the shade and the other darkening it. I’ll talk more about that under my test look. I think they’re both really pretty alone, Techno blends into my skin but has a nice iridescence to it, as does Stormy just with a blue-black base. When I first swatched all of these in-store I was blown away by how smooth, not-patchy, and pigmented these all were. The swatches look to be a bit patchy, but I literally did 1 swipe with each shade without smoothing them with my finger at all so that may be the difference with how they swatched for me at Sephora. Anyway, Bolt and Sell Out blew my mind.These are all so intense, they aren’t chalky, and when you work with them on the eye they blend right out. They released six palettes of all different finishes and color schemes so if this one doesn’t do it for you, I’m sure there’s one that will call your name.

Test Look:

I’m calling bull on Stormy as a “transformer”, that didn’t work at all. I think this would be a pretty lid shade but it did not layer well over the red, orange, yellow I’d laid down at all. ANYWAY, I was pretty impressed with how these performed on the eye, particularly with how little fallout there was. The pigments stay strong and can be blended out and diffused pretty easily as well. I don’t care for to use the two shimmers as transformers, but I think Stormy would be a lovely lid shade and I really liked Techno as a brow and inner corner highlight.

Lastly is the Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liners. I picked up the shades Space Cowboy, Goldrush (used here), and Revolver. I’m going to go back and pick up: Cuff, Fireball, Intergalactic, and ALL OF THEM. Probably not because money, but I do really love these. I love brush tip liners, I learned how to do winged liner with the UD 24/7 Perversion liner in high school and this gave me some fierce nostalgia. These are super easy to use if you’re familiar with brush tips, if not practice makes perfect or use an angled brush to apply instead.


Space cowboy is a beautiful peachy champagne, Goldrush is a true gold, and Revolver is a metallic gunmetal. For being glitter liners these are all really opaque, occasionally there would be a spot I’d have to go over again with Space Cowboy and Goldrush but they do layer nicely. My favorite way to wear this is just along the lashline, not winged out. The light catches the shimmer and really makes your lashes pop, it’s stunning. Didn’t do test looks, just jumped into daily use and haven’t grabbed close ups other than these:

Thanks so much for hanging out with me, I’m pretty psyched to create some killer looks with these new products. Let us know what you want to see and if you snagged any of these in the comments and I’ll see you next time!

Stay rad.-Rae


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  1. sarahwithani says:

    I love the covershot smoky palette and I want more of them. Honestly a good price too!


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