Try Ipsy Tuesday: The Resurgence

Happy Tuesday friends, here’s a fresh ipsy first impressions to start the week.

Seriously in love with the bag this month, they’ve really made up for the tacky December bag with this one. Living.
I’ve tried out this Ouai hair mask and I’m kinda mad that I really like it cause the full size is rather pricey. But this made my hair silky soft and I can’t argue with those results.
This exfoliator is super fine, definitely got the job done. I like it about as much as any other exfoliator so far, but we’ll see if the magic happens with continuous use.
Always need more blending brushes and I actually really like this one. Dense, super soft and cute as heck. Did a great job applying the shadow I got and I’m sure I’ll keep it in rotation.
This is not the kind of shade I typically reach for, but softly swept over the whole lid as a one and done shade it was pretty. I’m sure I could build up the pigment for a coppery bronze eye but you know that’s not my thing. I’m okay with this but I’m not obsessed with the color, I do like the formula though.
Definitely liked this color better once it dried, but again I’m not obsessed. The shade is meh to me and the formula doesn’t layer well when you have to reapply after eating. It’s alright, but not my favorite liquid lippie.
Here’s the look I threw together, very subtle and I’m not mad at it.Thanks for hanging out, see you next time.

Stay rad.-Rae


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  1. Love that shade!! It looks great on you too x

    my latest post ♡


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