Pineapple Hair?

Hi there! Today’s Tresses Thursday post is going to be a little different from our usual posts but hey that’s what this blog is all about right? I’ll be going through how Rae and I transformed our friend’s hair into a pineapple! To start I feel like it’s necessary to explain why our friend, Alex, wanted to do this to his hair… At the University of Nebraska Lincoln we host an event called St. Baldrick’s where people raise money for childhood cancer research and they usually shave their heads in support of cancer patients. If you want more in depth information or you’d like to donate check out their website here.  Our friend wanted to do something crazy with his hair before it was all gone, especially since it had been growing out since he cut it last April for the same cause, and because he knows that Rae and I are super talented (lol) hair stylists he asked us to help him with this transformation.

Let’s get into the hair transformation! (I apologize in advance for the poor lighting and that most of this pictures were taken on Snapchat)

Step 1: Sadly we don’t have a “before” picture because we starting cutting his hair before we realized we wanted to write this post but all you missed was cutting the sides and back of his hair to a more manageable 7/8″. We made sure that we left the top long so we could make the top of the pineapple.


Step 2: On to the bleaching. Since we wanted a relatively even bleach we started with the longer part on the top. Rae mainly did the color job on this project so she felt most comfortable using the Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener (which is actually cruelty-free!) and mixed one part of the bleach with one part of the Salon Care 20 Volume Developer. We left this on for 15 minutes.



Step 3: Now we had to lighten the rest of the hair. Since Pineapples are usually an orangey-yellow color we didn’t want the hair to get too light, also since the buzzed parts of Alex’s hair are so close to his scalp they’re going to lighten faster than the longer part anyway. So we went in and applied the same bleach mixture to the rest of his hair and left that on for 15 minutes. In total the top of his hair had bleach on it for 30 minutes and the back and sides were only bleached for 15 minutes. After that we had Alex wash it all out with his regular shampoo.


Step 4: Once Alex’s hair was mostly dry it was time to apply the green. We used Ion’s Semi-Permanent Hair Color in the shade “Shamrock” (any green will do). Just as a side note, I’m actually a really big fan of Ion’s hair dyes and would definitely recommend them for “regular” hair dying too!


Step 5: As that color processed we tackled the cross-hatching for the pineapple body. We first made sure all the hair was an even 1/2 inch using the Conair Hair Clippers. Then we removed the guard and started the cross-hatching. We tried to follow this picture as a guide but for the most part Rae and I just loosely mapped out where we wanted the lines to go. There really isn’t a ton of guidance for this part just try your best…

Step 6: Once we were finished cutting the design it was time to wash the green dye out (it had been about 40 minutes) and check out the final result! Alex tied the top part of his hair up with an elastic to really get that pineapple look.

And that’s all! Just as a disclaimer we did this pretty late at night and we knew it was going to be all gone in a couple days anyway so the dye job and the lines aren’t perfect. If you’re going to do this style and try to keep it around for a few days just take your time and you’ll get a really cool and fun design!

A HUGE thank you to Alex for letting us do this to his hair, all three of us are actually pretty sad that the pineapple is gone.

Have any questions? Leave a comment down below! Would you ever do something this crazy to your hair?



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