Real Techniques Sponge Showdown

Welcome welcome, this Frugal Friday is a showdown of the Real Techniques sponges

I have reviewed their orange Miracle Complexion Sponge that’s so oft talked about in the beauty community, but I thought it’d be fun to give some of their other sponges a go.

Pretty sure these came out after the mini beauty blenders, they’re basically the same thing. Same material as the miracle complexion sponge, just tiny. I actually like these a lot for color correcting, spot concealing, getting in around the eye, and baking my undereye. My only complaint is that you really need to wash them after every use cause they get dirty real quick. Overall, 8/10.

Next is this thing? Supposed to be for liquid and cream contour but I only really use it for liquid highlighter. The smaller flat edge I use to pinpoint the areas I want highlighted and the larger flat edge I use to diffuse it. I love this sponge and I use it pretty much every day, 9/10.

Lastly the super fancy diamond sponge. I don’t love it. It’s a lot softer than the original sponge, the shape is just really impractical and hard to use. Cute in theory but in practice it’s just not conducive to actually doing makeup. You can make it work but seriously just get the original orange sponge. 5/10.

Hope you found this helpful, and thanks for hanging out! See you soon.

Stay gold.-Rae



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  1. We’ll have to try that pink one! xx, Britta & Carli from


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