In Depth Modern Renaissance Palette Review

Hi there! Today I’m going to be adding an installment to my in-depth palette reviews (check out my post for the Sweet Peach Palette) and I’ll be going color by color through my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette!I plan to make these posts on Try It Tuesdays but I’ve had this palette for a couple months so I think I’m pas the first impressions window. Because this is going to be an in depth review I figure I might as a well get right into the review row by row. I primed my arm with the e.l.f eyelid primer for these swatches.


Top Row:

  1. Tempera – This is one of those standard cream shades that can be used to set your primer, highlight the browbone, blendout crease colors, and as an all over matte lid shade. I promise an intense shade my skin is just the same color…
  2. Golden Ochre – I love using colors like this as transition shades because it’s light enough to make it easy to blowout with minimal effort. This shade isn’t too warm so it’s easy to pair with the cooler shades in this palette.
  3. Vermeer – I’m actually really glad this palette only has two super shimmery lid shades AND I’m glad they picked a pink shade because this color works really well with the pink tones in this palette! Also this color is so STUNNING when applied with a finger or a damp brush all over the lid.
  4. Buon Fresco – I’ve only recently discovered that I like how purple eye looks look on my eyes. This shade is a great muted transition shade for those looks!
  5. Antique Bronze – I LOVE THIS COLOR!! It’s actually my favorite shade in this palette… I’ve been pairing it with a rosey creme shadow and holy cow y’all this color is so pretty and different for all over the lid. Admittedly it can get a little dark and smokey but worse comes to worse I just add a little of Vermeer to brighten the look.
  6. Love Letter – Okay I realize that this is one of the shades in the palette that makes it so unique but…. I’m not a big fan of this color. This is the only dry and chalky feeling matte in this palette and honestly it’s just a difficult color for me to pull off. I’m still trying to find an eye look that I like this color with but so far I haven’t had much luck.
  7. Cyprus Umber – This is your standard deepening color. I usually prefer a black so I can use it as liner but this is a nice blendable deep brown. I find that this color is a little too dark for the rest of the palette, it might be a little easier to incorporate into a look if there was another matte brown shade between this one and the others.


Bottom Row:

  1. Raw Sienna – This color is a little strange to me because I’m not sure where to put it. It’s a little too intense for my transition color but it’s not intense enough for my crease shade. I do like the tone of this color though because it’s not too warm.
  2. Burnt Orange – I have similar feeling about this shade because of it’s depth. However I think this shade it actually a little too warm for most of the looks I like to do. I’m curious to see if my opinion on this palette changes as we move more into spring and summer but this color hasn’t fit too well with my winter looks.
  3. Primavera – This is the other shimmery shade in the palette and I think this color is also beautiful and pairs really nicely with the warm browns in this palette. I’m also a big fan of using golds like this on my inner corner and this color just SHINES.
  4. Red Ochre – Just like Love Letter I actually find this color difficult to wear. The red shade tends to make me look sick. This matte is just as creamy as the rest though so it’s easy to use just difficult to pair and pull off.
  5. Venetian Red – At first glance this color looks really similar to Love Letter but this one actually pulls much more red where Love Letter is more of a berry shade. But again I don’t get much use out of this color. When compared to Red Ochre this shade is way brighter so if Red Ochre makes me look sick I’m sure you can only imagine how this shade looks.
  6. Warm Taupe – When I first played with this color I brushed it off as the most boring shade with little to offer. Jokes on me though because this is my second favorite color in this palette. I LOVE pairing it as the transition shade when I use Antique Bronze. Honestly this color is my perfect blowout transition shade and I have to actively stop myself from using it every time I reach for this palette.
  7. Realgar – I actually really like this color! I tend to avoid oranges like this but there’s just something about this color that makes it so flattering in the outer corner or blended out as a crease shade. I only reach for it when I do REALLY warm looks though because it can tend to look out of place with my other looks.

My general opinion is that I really like this palette! I bought it because everyone was raving about it and it’s definitely worth the hype! Granted I only reach for this palette when I have the time to sit and really blend my look together since these shades are all so pigmented. The vibrancy of the colors last all day with minimal creasing or movement. I love the pink fuzzy packaging and the magnetic cardboard packaging and the brush that comes with this palette isn’t half bad!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!



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  1. Love this palette! Great in depth review :)

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    1. Thanks so much! The palette has definitely become one of my faves!

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