Try Ipsy Tuesday:

Afternoon kids, today’s yet another Ipsy first impressions post. Keep reading if you’d like to hear my thoughts on my April 2017 glambag.


First I’d like to say that I hecking love the bag this month. It’s cute and will definitely be going everywhere with me this summer. Living.


Next up is the one bit of skincare I got, this aloe gel from the brand Hanalei. I’m planning on saving this for the summer months when my alabaster skin inevitably bursts into flame, but from the tiny amount I rubbed in on the back of my hand it seems promising. Sinks into the skin well and smells like cucumber for some reason? I’m not mad at it.

Next up is what I was hoping to be a win, but unfortunately a hug letdown, Colourpop’s gel liner in Swerve. I’ve loved all of my other Colourpop liners but for some reason this one kinda sucked? Can’t be smudged out at all, made my eyes water like crazy, bled everywhere, and it’s not even that black. Not a fan. If you buy any of their gel liners get Crybaby or Prance. They both look stunning in the waterline and last all day. Swerve is a no from me.

I also received an eyeshadow/highlight from Elizabeth Mott, I think the shade is Show Me Your Glow but don’t quote me on that. Pretty, though I think I have a dupe for it as it’s not the most unique color. But then again you can’t really go wrong with a soft golden champagne. It highlighted fairly well, but it looked a little too glittery for the face, will probably be relegated to lid color and inner corner highlight from now on.

I got an Ofra blush this time in the shade Format. Nice terracotta color, not something I’d typically go for but I do like it. The formula is really smooth and not too pigmented which I’m glad for. I’d much rather build up a blush than barely tap the pan and end up with clown cheeks. This is probably my favorite from this month’s bag.

Lastly, nail polish. Never heard of Cosmeceuticals before, don’t love their formula. Then again polish isn’t my thing and anything I put on looks pretty terrible so take my review with a grain of salt. The color is Southern Sand and it’s not for me. The polish is 10 free if that’s important to you. Just don’t like it personally, will deffs be giving this away.

I had a rough makeup day today. The liner made me want to ragequit my own face and I about screamed in frustration trying to get the watery black liner smudges off of my face. This month was not my favorite, and to be honest probably my least favorite thus far.

Looking forward to the May bag.

Thanks for hanging out, see you next time.

Stay rad.-Rae


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