Worth the Hype? $6 Wet n’ Wild Foundation

Hi there! Today I thought I’d give my opinion on the raved about Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus Foundation to see if it’s worth the hype that some YouTubers have given it!

A little background on my skin: I have mostly normal skin with a little oiliness in my t-zone, I also have some acne (scars and active) and quite a bit of redness on my cheeks. I picked up the shade “Shell Ivory” which is a fair color with neutral undertones.

A swatch of “Shell Ivory”
I’m going to write this post in the style of my Milani Foundation Review so here’s a pros and cons list!


  • It’s so inexpensive! This foundation will cost you around $6 for 1 Fl oz. (which is a standard foundation amount)
  • The shade selection. There are 20 shades to pick from and the undertone is clearly stated on the front
  • There’s not really a scent, the only time I can actually smell this foundation is when I’m applying it on my nose
  • I’d say it has a medium coverage which helps me not look SO cakey.
  • This foundation is cruelty-free AND vegan!


  • It’s not the longest lasting foundation. I get a solid 6 hours wear before I need to blot and re-powder my t-zone. I’m not sure if it’s how I sit but I tend to wear this foundation off my chin throughout the day too
  • Even though I like the glass bottle I’m not the biggest fan of the paddle that’s used to get the foundation out

I actually haven’t tried applying this foundation with a brush because my Real Technique’s sponge is the easiest way for me to apply my foundation.

All in all I would recommend picking this foundation up to try it out! If you end up not liking it it mixes well with other foundations so there’s always a way to re-purpose products that you don’t like.  Have you tried this foundation?



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  1. Yeah the applicator on this is so weird but we love this! xx, Britta & Carli from http://twinspiration.co/


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